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US [Alliance]<Deadwind Dingers> 70 Progressive Raiding on Korgath-US

Discussion in '70-79s Guild Recruitment' started by Futfut, Jun 13, 2017.

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    You are not prepared! ... but together, we can be.​
    <Deadwind Dingers> is a fairly new twinking guild to form for level 70 raiding. Our goal wasn't to get characters with the best items after being ran through raids by 110's to say "look at how good I am", but rather to go back and play The Burning Crusade (in the legal setting of retail WoW) and enjoy the full spectrum of what the expansion has to offer.

    Our mission statement is to be a portal through which level 70 PvE content may be fully available. Our goal is to complete the BC raid progression, not clearing each raid once, but moving gradually, gearing up and growing as characters and as a guild along the way. We have gathered all the mats you could ever desire, and are fully prepared and waiting to help get you into BC and into the raids with us.

    The core leadership involves 2 DPS players who are long-time WoW players that are relatively new to the twink scene, and a tank and healer who joined WoD/Legion, so there is none of the age-old 'twink elitism' to fear here. We're built around players looking to make new twinks and join the scene, but old twinks or previously geared toons from past twink guilds or even back from BC are more than welcome to join our ranks. Whether you're an expert on the old BC runs or totally new to the fights, we'd love to have you on our team!

    Raid nights are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 CENTRAL UNITED STATES TIME (Korgath's server time). Our guild has a core (leveled) roster and a few players who are still building up to raid-ready. It's the perfect time to join the program since we have the numbers to show the project will work out as well as the time for you to get involved without feeling too pressured to "catch up". If you are interested, we encourage you to comment here or message the leadership directly by e-mail at deadwinddingers@gmail.com for a private inquiry.

    P.S. If you're interested in becoming an officer (which involves gathering group mats, helping build up other raiders, and other such tasks on top of frequent attendance to guild events) then the leadership is more than happy to welcome another officer to the fold.

    P.P.S. We encourage leveling up in Deadwind Pass.

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