US <Advanced Target Dummy> - (Horde BH) is now recruiting!

Discussion in '20-29s Guild Recruitment' started by Reddawg, Feb 11, 2019.

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    <Advanced Target Dummy> is a new 20/29 twink guild now recruiting on the Horde side of Bleeding Hollow! We are looking to recruit geared/skilled/chill members to the guild. The goal is to create a community of geared players to queue bgs and arenas with. If you wish to join the guild, we have a discord server for members (though it is not mandatory to be active in discord, just optional if you want to voice chat during BGs). We also have a guild bank with consumables for higher ranking players, that contains items such as goblin gliders, swiftness potions and saltwater potions. Whisper Tentdrew#1248 on or Tentdrew#1460 on discord for more info.
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