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Addon - BtW Quests, Tweets, Hearthstone BlizzCon Golden Legendary, HeroStorm

Discussion in 'MMO-Champion' started by MMO-Champion, Oct 29, 2017.

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    [​IMG] Diablo Patch 2.6.1 Now Live

    [​IMG] Funny & Lucky Moments Reaches Episode 300! The 30 Minute Moments Special

    Addon - BtW Quests
    The BtW Quests addon shows your progress within quest chains, including your current quest and also all the future quests in the line, how they all connect and other quest lines they lead to or require.

    You can open the window with "/btwquests". The currently supported quest lines are:

    • Balance of Power
    • All 5 chapters of Azsuna
    • All 7 chapters of Val'Sharah
    • All 11 chapters of Suramar as well as Insurrection
    • Most of the Broken Shore quest lines
    • Most of the Argus quest lines

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    World of Warcraft - Arena World Championship
    The Wow Arena World Championship kicks off Monday afternoon at 11:00 am PDT! You can watch all the matches on all the days on Twitch, with Days 2 and 3 on the WoW esports stage live at BlizzCon, and broadcast on the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

    You can see the brackets here and meet the teams here.

    We'll potentially have the opportunity to talk to the teams and casters, so if you have questions you would like answered, submit them!


    Game Developer Tweets
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    In a recent post on WoW, you said it’s easy in a rewards based system to manipulate players. How can you tell the difference between fun and manipulation? Sometimes it feels like a fine line between the two. Is manipulation related to when players do “bottom-feeding” like the Destiny loot cave?
    I think the lines are often blurred, and sometimes even blurred for an individual player. Some evenings you may be enjoying the activity itself, and other evenings you may just be sticking around because you are close to a milestone on your reward. Some evenings you may be enjoying the activity, but it’s really only the reward that is keeping you from logging off, playing another game, going to bed, or ranting about Game of Thrones.

    All of that said, overall I try to look and see if players are focused on the short term thing they are doing now, or if they are they only focused on the long term reward. Are they only playing for the rewards? Would the content even be fun without the rewards? A slot machine without rewards gets boring really quickly, so I would say it doesn’t pass the test. A game of League of Legends is (hopefully) fun, and we have a lot of players who have played 500+ games, so it’s probably not just “the grind” that is keeping them going.

    I didn’t play Destiny, but I am familiar with the loot cave. But I also don’t think you can say “See? Players were trying to short cut the reward system for that game, so clearly the gameplay wasn’t very compelling.” A game can be fun and players may still feel compelled to do least-common-denominator type stuff to get rewards. I refer often to the Mechanar, the BC-era dungeon in WoW that everyone farmed on heroic because it was generous with its currency badges. I think Mechanar was a fine dungeon and I farmed it a lot to get my Sun Eater. But I think it is specious to argue that Mechanar was sooo much more fun than the other BC dungeons that players ran it at such high rates. If anything, Mechanar was causing players not to run dungeons that they might have enjoyed more (or benefit from the variety that is so helpful in keeping dungeons from getting stale) because the rewards were poorly tuned.

    I compare it a lot to a long car trip. I love road trips overall (which typically goes along with spending a lot of years in Texas). But I also know there is a difference in road trips where you are enjoying every hour of seeing new things and listening to tunes, and others where you just want the ride to be done, and it’s also possible for a single trip to shift back and forth over its course. (Source)

    [​IMG] BlizzCon's Golden Legendary is Marin the Fox! - Virtual Ticket Giveaway
    Hearthstone players with a BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket will be receiving a Golden Legendary Hearthstone card! Although we don't know his stats, yet, we do know he is Marin the Fox! Check out Hearthpwn for a chance to win a Virtual Ticket.


    HeroStorm - Ep 30: Five Nights At Braxis
    Another episode of HeroStorm has been released!

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