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US Active US-Horde servers for lv 1's?

Discussion in 'Level 1-9' started by Pogibija, Jun 29, 2017.

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  1. Pogibija

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    Hello friends,

    It has been sometime since I played WoW, and even longer since a lv 1 twink crossed my mind. But with some time for WoW again, the thought of lv 1's crossed my mind. I once played as Pogibija, an undead lv 1 rogue on US-Uther, eventually leveled that character to 70 and transferred to US-Illidan. I still have a level 1 on each of those servers with some great gear for lv 1's.

    As the title states, I am curious which server(s) have a healthy population for lv 1's.

    I unfortunately do not remember anyone from the community but if you remember me please don't be shy, say hello! :)

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  2. Tiger

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    I made a goblin hunter on BH - Horde and it's been pretty good. It's a twinking server in general. If you're making a lv.1 I highly suggest going Goblin by the way (BiS probably Goblin hunter). I got summoned out of Lost Isles and I was able to lock my exp, hearth BACK to Lost Isles and complete ALL of the quests. You get the full quest gear (lv.12 blues/greens) which is much superior than any gear on other normal lv.1 twinks. On top of that the gear is MOGGABLE, which is a great quality of life improvement to the gear that's normally available. Plus your pet is a crab and you can use the Crab Shank toy on it, not to mention the novelty of having a lv.1 Goblin. They also make great bank alts and Rocket Boost is the ideal mobility tool, gives you access to places and jumps that normally wouldn't be available.

    You're welcome to hit me up if you make a lv.1 on BH, maybe we can get a group going
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