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EU+US 60 T3 hunt, BMAH?

Discussion in 'Level 60-69' started by Veechard, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Veechard

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    First off, good dps with all vanilla gear and t3?
    Second, how long do y'all think BMAH be up for this xpack?
  2. Sponsor

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    Surv and MM do tasty dmg. SV has more burst, while MM is more sustained. I found MM was preferable in arenas vs skilled players as SV is easy to kite/counter with good warriors (you have no defensives)

    I have 7/9 pieces of T3 on my hunt (missing helm/belt). If you look at my hunt in sig, you'll notice not many T3 pieces are BiS, for both pvp and pve, but definitely worth it just for the mog.

    BMAH is up until day 1 of patch 8.xx whenever that may be. And given the new xpac hasn't even been announced, thats a good year away.
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