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Discussion in 'Level 50-59' started by Petrolsk, Mar 15, 2019.

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    For those despots who have been viciously overthrown by XP segregration once again and you are looking for a new home.

    Hello and welcome to the Alliance 59 PVP Headquarters. Classic will soon launch in the Summer of 2019 (date not yet known), and endless honorable kills await us all. I want to add that this community is focused on fun and the journey.

    I've been hard at work in preparation for the Classic launch.

    If you plan to play 59 in Classic, I've created a Discord channel and Blizzard group where we can coordinate ahead of time. For the Alliance!

    I've developed a leveling strategy for 59 (on the discord) and a phase by phase plan (on the discord as well) which include plans for dungeon carries and raiding if there is interest.
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    im too lazy to make yet another thread yet, but to my hordies: we're gonna be doing this too.

    when server names are released, that will likely be when we make the Big Push

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