EU 5 manning raids

Discussion in 'Level 80-89' started by Baelo, Oct 12, 2019 at 4:51 PM.

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    Hey boys

    Some friends and I have been inspired by the 70s thread, where people successfully have cleared TBC raids with just 5 man.
    We want to attempt the same thing with the cata raids.
    We are 3 dedicated twinkers in the 80-89 bracket, all with 5+ twinks each, and we are looking for 2 more people to fill the 5 man roster.
    It is not a requirement, but it would be preferred if you also have multiple classes to pick and choose between, so that we can be more experimental in the comps that we run.

    In general we are really just looking for more activity in the bracket, and we would love to attempt some 25 HC raiding, but that requires more than just 5 people, so any active players are very welcome to join us!

    You can reach me here or add my battletag MAG#22749.
    @Firemaniac is also available if you have any question.
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