49 lock build?

Discussion in '49s (Vanilla)' started by Cigarette, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Cuz its a junk bracket that has some of the hardest/rarest items to obtain+ and nobody plays 49s so its the first bracket to die out. Too early for epic raid gear too late for decent gears but 49s are just in time to take all the 39s pieces and nothing more

    Ok maybe hurricane and calibrated boomstick + quiver+ improved aspect proc +rapid fire is fun seeing for the first minute but gets old quick. That is the only bracket's redeeming feature. And its hunters anyway; Other interesting feature are living action pots/invlu pots but nobody wants to spend like 4g per fight.

    +Rogues start to get increasingly powerful.

    In 39s you can at least maybe dot them to death before you die in 49s you just die in a stunlock. And nobody has fun dying in stunlocks being unable to do anything unless ur a masochist. Also mounts so ppl can catch u faster. Greater shadow protection pots becoming available at 48 would theoretically shit on your whole lock VERY hard too but thankfully they're too expensive to use in pvp

    here i whipped something up in 3 minutes

    have fun in Sunken temple/zul farrak for eternity

    green lens of shadow wrath(lol 39 item)

    Arachnidian Pauldrons of shadow wrath or stam/ kentic amice

    Spellshock leggings

    atali gloves of shadow wrath

    Ban'thok Sash

    Dryad's Wrist Bindings/ 39 w/e bracers of shadow wrath or stamina

    Lifeblood Amulet/ rand 13 stam amu/ scorns icy choker(lol 39 item)

    Eye of orgimmar/ rand 15 stam ring/runed ring of stamina/ underworld band(lol 39 item)

    Abjurer's Robe of stamina/shadow wrath/robe of the lich(lol 39 item)

    Arathi boots/bonecasters boots of shadow wrath/stamina

    staff of jordan(lol 39 item)
    arbiters blade/10 stam sword/ umbral crystal/hypnotic blade(lol 39 items)

    It would trigger me seeing a lower bracketed item on a toon that is a bracket above it
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  2. Jh2125

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    Hop over into my discord and check the Lock guide I have pinned. There are some drain tank builds, dot builds, and some destro nuke builds. Gear won't be easy but some strong possibilities.

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    The lock has a bunch of potential builds at this level, I too am curious what others decide to roll with. I've considered leveling a second lock to the 49 bracket once I get my main to 60, but I'm struggling with the leveling so I might just stick with a 49 xD I feel like locks are one of the few classes that have a decent chance of taking down 60s in open world PvP do to their dots and chain fearing which would be fun. Because of this I'd probably go with an afflic heavy build and maxing out on +hit from talents. If I were to go specifically for BGs, however, I may decide to go with a demonology heavy build because of how damn tanky it is! Best of luck with whatever you end up going, I think there are a lot of viable builds, including some that are hybrids. I really don't think you can go wrong with a 49 lock's build.
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    I've gone up against 2 geared locks in the 49 bracket with my hunter and they topped kills by FAR! Back in the day they would die easily, but this guy put up a few dots on everybody and drained life. Was surprised he could out drain me before I killed em. He ended up 32 Kbs and 6 deaths. I had 18 kills and 12 deaths lol and I have good gear. So I'll have to try a lock out.
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    I'd argue that this is the 1st bracket that casters become increasingly competitive and rogues fall behind compared to previous brackets. Warlocks for example gain Death Coil, Priests gain Shadow Form. 49s is the first bracket where you can really stack that spell damage. From my experience i just need to unload instant cast spells on that rogue and he is pretty much dead (Syphon Life, Corruption, Agony, Death Coil and eventual Blackout proc). Same with my priest if my Devouring Plague is up. It just depends if I am opened at full HP or not...
    Also, Living Action Potion and Limited Invulnerability Potion are also an option in this bracket and not too much expensive.

    As for the lock build i use - https://classic.wowhead.com/talent-calc/warlock/0500053512201105-20503

    As for the low level gear superior to high level gear. Its the same business at level 60 sweetie. A lot of dungeon gear is a lot better than Molten Core or Ony gear.
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