39s 9.2.5 Battleground Wargames


Hello! So, 39s were on a roll at the start of the expansion, but the release of BC classic put a stop to that unfortunately. But! We've been waiting for this new patch to get things going, as when we had bgs going every week there were always horde stragglers who couldn't get involved due to the bracket being primarily alliance. But that changes with this patch!

Moral of the story, we're planning on getting xpoff battlegrounds going again, and are currently deciding a day to have bgs on. This bracket is tons of fun, with just enough abilities to have a solid kit for every class, and there's a ton of gear to customize with.

Come on down if you want to join!

Edit --- Battlegrounds every Wednesday, with daily arenas!

Official server - Bleeding Hollow.
Btag community - https://blizzard.com/invite/4DxL5GmFoAY
Discord - https://discord.gg/TsfXFREuwq
Cross faction character based community coming with new patch.
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Alrighty! The first 39s battlegrounds event will happen on friday the 3rd at 9pm EST! If not enough people show, we'll make something happen.
New people joining the bracket every day! Daily arenas and now battlegrounds happening twice a week! Bracket's on the up and the up!
Had some fun 9v9s and 7v7s tonight! Come on down if you want to join some fun wargames!

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