20's still a thing?


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Hi all,

After several years of not actively twinking i decided to start again.
I started a lvl 20 shaman but was wondering if 20's a good bracket with active bg's.
If not, what bracket is advised atm?
Playing retail for gearing reasons now.


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F2P / Vets are in xpoff bracket now, so 29 twinks are better than 20. Not that active, but u get a few bg pops on peak hours.
There is also the 60 with no DF bracket, not sure how active it is tho.

If you want active bg pops I suggest classic wotlk tbh


Friday and saturday nights can have queues of less than an hour and every now and then you might get into a 15 man BG. The rest of the week it's dead. If you're playing a level 20 F2P it's going to be a rough slog but it is doable. You'll get one-shot from the 29s though.


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What's the most fun bracket then atm? Used top play 19's, but thought everything shifted to 20. Just want a fun bracket to play twink.
And are wargames still ongoing?


i was thinking, you could get really geared with naxx T3 and everything on classic and play level 60 pvp, it's sort of "twinking", no?


20's xpoff is utter garbage this expansion.
Servers are deserted and battlegrounds awful and enchants broken for new characters.

If you want infinitely more enjoyable battlegrounds, just continuously remake characters and level through 10-19. Can't twink, but you can put on heirlooms and get a few green quest items and be much more competitive then 20's, while reliving the fun nostalgic wow feel.
The future is back to the "Starter Edition vanilla" that mean, back to Cataclysm, here the queues are instant
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