2019 XPOff Awards - nominations

Discussion in 'General Offtopic' started by Chops, Dec 5, 2019 at 1:36 AM.

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  1. Chops

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    Why the fuck not? Im gonna take nominations for the following categories of posts/poster for a while, then I'll compile a list, we'll put it to a vote and hand out fuck all for awards. Just the knowledge that everyone likes/hates you depending on what you're going for.

    Feel free to give reasons along side your nominations.

    Forum MVP - We should probably vote on this one eventually, right? Its supposed to be like every quarter and yet... Anyway. The forum mvp is informative, helpful and welcoming. A true testament to the spirit of the forums and the community. All around good dude/dudette and go-to source for newbies and long term members both.

    Best Guide - Legit, who wrote the best guide this year?

    Best Video - Video guide, highlight reel, single game cap, whatever. Who did it best in 2019?

    Best Streamer - We dont have many but who did yall like watching the most?

    Best mod - lol

    Worst mod - probably also the best mod because there's one mod on this site who does anything but show up twice a month to pimp their private server

    Most wholesome - who is just the kindest, nicest, most warm fuzzy feeling-est person on the forum?

    Best site owner - We had a few this year! Who was your favorite?

    Best flame war - If it didnt get deleted by Berryy, were you even going hard enough?

    Best insult - One single post. Who burned it down the best?

    Most missed banned member - Pour one out for the dumbasses who dumbassed so fucking hard they managed to catch a perma ban from this hellscape of an internet site. Extra points if theyve caught more than one perma ban (hi Sanit!)

    Best troll post - what was your favorite troll post or thread? Single effort here.

    Best Troll, overall - who is the best troll overall?
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  2. Xhell

    Xhell Member

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    bestworldyo had an amazing 19 rogue guide.

    idk about rest but have met some cool people this year. whether it was meeting people farming epics, building toons, bgs or theory crafting.

    farming epics met Sapncap and echo and have been rocking bgs and building toons ever since.

    during the dragon world boss this month running into twinks daily has been fun.

    wpvping late one night and meeting blackberry in battle was hela fun.

    point is this game is still fun and still my favorite way to forget about work.

    best troll? frogchamp?
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  3. ohti

    ohti 20 Coordinator 20-29

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    Probably something Necroaqua wrote.
    The clip of Voc getting mass reported away.
    Druhgy or Juan for the WG streams.
    Controversial topic.
    Ironically enough, the mods that do their jobs. xD
    Ripduck because he gave me the Royal Member badge for my birthday, or Sel because she's not Conq
    The current best of thread that Light made.
    Not sure, kind of a tough one to call.
    Probably Sanit, only real big ones this year were Sanit and JWL, and Sanit was funnier I guess. I didn't like the whole god complex ego troll JWL had going for him.
    Light's Current Active Best of List. Hands down.
    This getting on front page, if not that then @Ayden's 6s tournament thread.

    Honorable Mention:
    That frog guy that got his main account with the guides banned
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  4. Plants

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    Idk if this counts as one single insult but this post pretty much slammed the door on axiom's feeble attempts to save the 29 bracket
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  5. Ayden

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    Plants for this
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  6. Kaxle

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    Not really an official guide but @Bestworld wrote up some very informational responses about rogues. One was going over his various gearsets, when to use them, and the general stat benchmarks for each. The other one was when some dude posted a vod of his rogue play for feedback and Bestworld wrote up pretty much a play book as to what rogues should be looking for in wsg and gave a few options on how to play out each scenario depending on the circumstances. May not be as useful to the rogue faithfuls but to someone interested in starting to play a rogue at the time these posts were incredible.

    The rare map and info from @Rhaellia Azshara mogs thread helped me quite a bit as well

    Pretty sure it was an old clip but someone had reposted it to clown someone. But it was a rogue (Saxx?) and a druid breaking a full onturtle by having the rogue pick and pass flag up to the stealthed druid sitting in the little room the overlooks the flagroom

    I watched @HairyTreeMan stream a lot for the guild vs guild wgs around the TI that never was. That medieval game was cool to

    Whoever put the Voc thread in the header

    There were a handful of good ones in the locked/deleted threads. Gonna see if I can find a favorite

    lild? He didn't always respond or answer nicely but between the insults there was almost always some actual advice

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  7. Tiptoe

    Tiptoe Grandfathered

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    best guide how to make chicken by @Skeezin
    best streamer 27inchpounder idk his tag here
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  8. Phrontistery

    Phrontistery i was making waves u was surfing in 'em

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  9. Neon

    Neon Health Phreak

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    Forum mvp - sketchbag

    Best mod: blackberry for giving me another chance when I got permabanned

    Worst mod: we all know who it is

    Most wholesome: crystalpal

    Best site owner: I was not on ti around drayners time, but myrm was the best imo.

    Best troll: of all time probably uraflamer, curley, yowza or agonist pretty much alot of 19s around mop, current jwl imo

    Most missed banned person: jwl
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  10. Funnystrike

    Funnystrike Worlds first 1000 Achievmentpoints at 19

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    biggest troll : Blueballuh / radial aka gnarliex for pretending the epic bvb is not gm glitched
    best streamer : @HairyTreeMan
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  11. LennywBT

    LennywBT SpeeDIO

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    Lighto is best troll world
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  12. Goesid

    Goesid Twink Info Legend Fancy Pants

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    MVP - not suprised its not back considering how shit it was last time. When they gave it to that guy who played in a dead bracket and then a streamer revived it and then it died again.

    Best guide - i cant remember.

    Video/stream - N/A dont really watch any.

    Best mod - low bar. I guess Berry or Sketch.

    Worst mod - The rest

    Most wholesome - Probably one of the PvE f2pers.

    Best site owner - again low bar. I guess this current consortium.

    Flame war/insult - The threads about queue glitch exploit and cobalt frag belt were pretty fantastic.

    Best banned member - Sanitarium no doubt. Dude has spent more time banned than not. He is without a doubt the best at being banned.

    Best troll - I miss Saint.
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