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Discussion in 'Level 20-29' started by Anonmoose, Apr 25, 2019.

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    Title says it all. Does anyone have a loadout of the BiS for a 20 MM/BM hunter or one that is relatively close?
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    Depends if you're going vet or f2p, but you'll find some hunters with most of the best gear on the stickied armory thread in the veteran section under the 20-29 bracket. Probably best to start there either way as a lot of the gear is obtainable by both groups.

    F2p has a similar armory thread but it's pretty outdated, unlike the veteran one. If you're looking for a f2p example though you can check out the hunter in my signature as it's almost bis. Some grandfathered gear though, but you can just swap those slots out for lucky quest epic upgrades, or dungeon/bg random satchel gear.

    https://xpoff.com/threads/veterans-armory-list.272/ link to armory here for vets. There also a quick start guide there for gearing in the vet section. Might want to check that out too.

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