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General 12th Anniversary Timewalking Badge question guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Allybeboba, Nov 17, 2016.

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    When you open your 12th Anniversary package this year you will be blessed 200 Timewalking badges and with a small quest line that will lead you to a daily quest giver. This quest giver will ask you to answer a question about WoW in return will give you some experience points, if your XP is unlocked, and will reward you with 25 Timewalking badges.

    Historian Llore is located in Stormwind City at approximately 84.5, 24.5 ( the castle library)

    Hidtorian Ju’pa is located in Orgrimmar at approximately 36.21, 74.23 in the Valley of Spirits.

    So far, here are your timewalkers questions along with the answers:

    1. Before Cata where could the remains of Mankrik's Wife be found? Barrens

    2. Bloodfeather, Windfury, & Witchwing are all types of which race? Harpy

    3. Who became the Lich King after Arthas was defeated? Bolvar Fordragon

    4. In Zandali, the language of the trools, what does "atal'ai" mean? Devoted Ones

    5. Which paladin was not among the five when the Silver Hand was originally created? Alexandros

    6. Who was the naga lieutenant of Illidian and once handmaiden of queen Azshara? Vashj

    7. Who was the first pandaren to tame a cloud serpent? Jiang

    8. What was the name of Illidian's jailer? Maiev Shadowsong

    9. What is the name of the desert that surrounds the Caverns of Time? Tanaris

    10. King Krush, King Mosh, and King Dred are all what type of creature? Devilsaur

    11. What pit lord was the ruler of Outland before being imprisoned by Illidian? Magtheridon

    12. Who was the first to leave Pandaria on the back of the sea turtle Shen-zin Su? Liu Lang

    13. Which apothecary cannot be found in Shadowfang Keep during the Love is in the air event? Copeland

    14. What area was reshaped by Goblins to resemble the symbol of the horde? Azshara

    15. Before Cata where could the remains of Mankrik's Wife be found? Barrens

    16. Which Alliance city located in Darkshore was destroyed by Deathwing's Return? Auberdine

    17. What was the name of the human that kept Thrall as a slave in Durnholde Keep? Aedelas Blackmoore

    18. What is the name of the mate of Har'koa? Loque'nahak

    19. Which arm and which eye did Zul'jin lose during his captivity and eventual escape? right eye, left arm

    20. Which musical trinkets could be used to invoke spontaneous dancing in others against their will? Piccolo of the Flaming Fire

    21. Which son of an Alliance traitor would one day become a leader of the Syndicate? Aliden

    22. Which of the following is not an orc clan? Bloodfang

    23. Which Pandaria creatures are the embodiments of negative emotions? Sha

    24. What was the name of the once benevolent spiritual leader in Stormwind that sided with Deathwing? Benedictus

    25. Before succumbing to magical addiction, the Wretched were once members of which race? blood elves

    26. What is a Grummle's most prized personal possession? Luckydo

    27. What is the name of the bridge that connects Arathi Highlands and Wetlands? Thandol Span

    28. What was the name of the human who helped Thrall escape Durnholde Keep? Taretha Foxton

    29. What are the final words from this Headless Horseman quote: "It is over, your search is done! let fate choose now....". The Righteous One!

    30. What phrase means "Safe Journey" in Draenei? Dioniss aca

    31. Which Orc was responsible for opening numerous portals on Draenor and shattering the Orc homeworld? Ner'zhul

    32. Razorman and Bristleback are 2 feuding tribes of which race? Quillboar

    33. Who was the brother of Varok Saurfang and the only Orc to fight in the War of the ancients? Broxigar

    34. What Goblin trading company is known for plundering the natural resources of Azeroth? Venture Company

    35. Who became Ragnaros' second Majordomo, protecting the Keep in Firelands? Majordomo Staghelm

    36. Who was Jaina Proudmoore's mentor in the Kirin Tor? Archmage. Antonidas

    37. What is the highest rank that can be bestowed on a night elf watcher? Warden

    38. This cult was affiliated with the orcish Shadow Council & included members such as Nagaz & Marez Cowl. Argus Wake

    39. What dragon appears in the human guise of Lord victor Nefarius? Nefarian

    40. What is the name of the red dragon whose skull is on display in the Hall of Explorers? Tyranastrasz

    41. the Night Elves and the dragonflights stood against the armies of the Qiraji in what war? War of the Shifting Sands

    42. Where was Dalaran originally located in the Eastern Kingdoms? Hillsbrad Foothills

    43. Which of the following is not a possible result from drinking Noggenfogger? you breathe fire

    44. Cro Threadstrong continually threatened what specific type of vendor in shattrath city? Fruit Vendor

    If you all find any more please add to the list.


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