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Discussion in 'Events' started by Allybeboba, Nov 6, 2016.

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    Tomorrow, Sunday November 6th, I will give away an engineering "kit" to the lucky winner of contest of my own divise. This "kit" will raise the your toon's skill level in engineering from 1 to 225 if you follow my guide in the "guide" section. This will allow the player to use a few high ilvl items if they need them.
    If you only plan on skill leveling up to 150 I would like to know so that I can pass the extra materials onto the next winner.

    As usual, I would like to have a minimum of eight (8) contestants. The "contest" itself should take no more than 30 minutes. It all depends on the players. It will probably take longer to setup than to actually "compete".

    The "kit" will be given away on Bleeding Hollow either Alliance or Horde. If the competitor does not want it on that server I can arrange something on the US servers of Aerie Peak, Stormrage, Tichondrius, Cenarius, Korgath...

    A time will be given later, either late afternoon CDT or early evening depending on interest.
    Also, depending on interest, the next profession kit will be a 1-700+ for first aid. I am still experimenting with it. I hope to give one away before the DMF is up so people can take advantage of the +5 to first Aid. I will hit 800 on a couple on my lowbies this DMF.

    Please state your interest below. Remember the "kits" are on Bleeding Hollow.
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