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  1. Dungeon drops Trading for Vet\F2P?

    I am a bit confused, is there any scenario where a sub account can trade with a f2p/vet account for a dungeon drop? I tried running an xpoff 20 with a vet 20 to see if I can trade any extra dungeon drops and it wouldn't let me. Am I doing something wrong or vet\f2p can't get the tradeable...
  2. Szivexe

    How long does It take to fully gear a warforged 20s twink?

    I'm not new to twinking, but I quit after they implemented the seperate xpoff brackets. I see the vet 20s are still good though... I was thinking of going all out and having every class as a 20s twink but it would entirely depend on the time to gear and I have zero idea what the rates are having...
  3. Nutsmite

    Vet for long time just dinged 21

    I had unsubbed account for like a year, been playing my rogue 1h ago. Came back just now, got the wow update, logged to my rogue again, did some quests and dinged 21. Well R.I.P to my little guy, probably lost dorever. What's more odd is that I logged out and turns out all my 20+ characters are...
  4. Vet account turned free trial

    Hello , I recently asked Gm for 1 day of free gametime to try update twink (told gm it to buy token), it was granted but now it expired and i can't q BG (Free trial acc can't perform this action). I don't get it why i lost vet status. Is it really possible they saw i tricked them and want to f...
  5. Vet Account XP questions

    Hello, I'm new to the scene and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I turned off xp on my priest when he hit 20 and paid for a months game time to get him fully decked out. Today I turned xp back on before my sub ran out and he immediately levelled to 30. Where did I go wrong? Is this a...
  6. Nkopala

    Why is there no longer a space to talk about World of Warcraft in another language?

    I ask this question because some time ago there was a forum through which different countries could give their opinion without being forced to learn a new language or even without using a translator. I understand that many here understand, write and read in English which is fine, but the...
  7. Magrain

    Last Trump Card, Veteran Subscription

    So i stopped paying for Blizzard ever since Cata, ofcourse i have grown to dislike what they did to the game with thier modernization of systems and killing basically the social aspect of things with the Introduction of LFR, RF etc. But i never looked back, ofcourse untill the Shadow Lands...
  8. Boognish

    Azerite gear for 20s?

    Looking for some quest chains and/or any other sources of azerite gear for my 20. I’ve got the piece from the great sea scrolls/chest quest, I’d like to get another piece in the remaining slots. I am aware of a quest line on ally side that rewards a piece but have been grinding Zaldazar horde...
  9. Nkopala

    US Quel’Thalas: The highest level 20 population in Latin America.

    Greetings, I am Nko, a player from Quel’thalas, the Latin American server, I have played to Starter Edition since 2011 (9 years ago) where I have always been interested to contribute to the starter community. Between 2011 and 2020 this ‘game mode’ have had many changes. Nowadays, we, the active...
  10. US Enh shaman

    im bored as hell with wow for the most part and i only really log on to plow through dungeons on old 19s or que for the occasional f2p 20s bg as i am unsubbed currently. For some reason enhancement looks kinda fun to me to twink at 20, but before i commit to making a good enh shaman, i wanna...
  11. emotnetsil

    US Lvl20 Hunter

    Nerfd to 29% crit in bgs.
  12. DaQbet

    EU+US Banked xp. Is it a thing?

    Can someone confirm if I were to resub my Vet account, he would level up with any experience he’d gained (banked) while unsubbed? I was planning on resubbing then running to xp off guy and turn xp off. Do the bits that I need to do (buy some enchants and food etc.) then I unsub and in 30 days...
  13. US Honor Level 15 - Prestigious Bronze Courser

    Not a big deal, but I just hit Honor Level 15 and got added to my collection. No mail, no fuss. Pure Vet, never bought/played Legion or BFA. Just wanted to note this for future reference if any F2Ps/Vets ever wanted to know if you...
  14. Cattywompus

    Some screenshots from 2007

    Stumbled upon these bad boys today, I was an alliance player until wotlk, and I had a 19 hunter and rogue since vanilla, and a 29 ret/holy paladin, 39 lock, and the warrior was leveled, but he was a 39 that I twinked with 3 pendulum of dooms, 1 with crusader, 1 with savagery, and 1 with 35 agi...
  15. Healdaddy

    US What do I upgrade next?

    Just finished 300 alch and 300 (299 lol) eng. Got my Alchemist Flask and Green Lens. What should I work on now?
  16. Orcbeard

    Outlaw Rogue

    Got back into 20s after a break since early WOD(especially since the stat templates in Legion) Just want to ask the more experienced rogues as of 8.0 how my 20 vet rogue is looking. Unfortunately I missed out on the Legion prepatch gear.
  17. US Any Active 20 Guilds on PvP Servers?

    As the title says. I am wondering if there are any active 20-29 VET guilds or other 20s on any PvP Servers... Started 20 twinking on AeriePeek back in WoD, because it was one of the more active servers (does not appear to be anymore). I would like to move my toon over as I find the Normal...
  18. EU+US Is Dual ToV still viable for a 20 Rogue?

    I have the opportunity to finally get a second Talon of Vultros (LvL 11) Dagger but I am wondering if it is still worth going the extra mile for. I havent played my 20 Twink since before Legion hit and I know its all about iLvL in BGs now. Does Assn still work best with 2 ToV's? I tried so hard...
  19. EU Can veteran accounts twink at 19?

    Hi! Can veteran accounts turn xp gain off and participate in battlegrounds? I played a few yesterday (with normal xp) and was getting lots of bg pops. Thanks!