1. Gucciglad

    What's Gucci?

    Haven't been on in awhile... Just trying to see what's new and how's everyone been. Y'all keeping it sleezy? /flex
  2. Gucciglad

    How to get the "Frag Belt" without Northrend Engineering (Guide Video)

    Keep your gold guys, and don't be fooled! Hope this helps. ;-) Flex on Foolz!
  3. Gucciglad

    US Unrealzy 1 - Level 59 WW Monk Twink PvP Movie

  4. Gucciglad

    US <Recycled Twinks> Recruitment Video

  5. Gucciglad

    The Elder Scrolls Online [Xbox One]

    Hello guys, I'm looking for people who actively play EsO on the Xbox One to play with. Just looking to make some friends on there, have some fun adventures, and some fun laughs over the mic. My Gamertag is Gucciglad, please feel free to send me a friend request and I'll accept it asap. Looking...
  6. Gucciglad

    Massive Twink PvP Montage

    I spent a week or so working on this video. I have a new outlook on WoW and YouTube so I've decided to spend as much time necessary to upload only the best twinking content. I also plan on uploading more community driven videos as well as a XPOff promotional video later down the road to increase...
  7. Gucciglad

    Returning to WoW and YouTube

    Sup guys, long time no see! A lot of you might be wondering where I've been or why I haven't been uploading. Well I'm a new father, I've had a lot of shit going on in my life, and I just didn't have the time and lost interest in WoW and YouTube. BUT! I'm back now and I'm ready to start playing...
  8. Gucciglad

    US Bullying The Bullies

    I thought you guys would enjoy this funny video I made.
  9. Gucciglad

    Wuntwo where are you? I miss you!

    R.I.P Wuntwo =/
  10. Gucciglad

    Revealing to my parents that my wife is pregnant! (Video)

  11. Gucciglad

    US Unrealzy 1 Teaser

    Level 59 WW Monk Twink World PvP.
  12. Gucciglad

    Buying Ribsplitter of Power or Agility for 50k

    Buying Ribsplitter of Power or Agility for 50k on Bleeding Hollow. Add me for more details... Gucciglad#11434
  13. Gucciglad

    Gucciglad's Girl Looks Like A Porn Star!?

  14. Gucciglad

    US Gucciglad wit dat ilvl 44 Felshroud gear.

  15. Gucciglad

    US Pride

  16. Gucciglad

    US Level 10-20 Twink Raid Kills Level 70 Elite /w Epic Ending!

  17. Gucciglad

    US 10v10 Wargame Video!

  18. Gucciglad


    Hit me up if you need a good BM. Cdawg23#1718 /flex on foolz