1. Scaling exploit in Chromie timeline?

    Scaling exploit in Chromie timeline?
  2. Silvertong


  3. Somfas


    Hello again everyone. Let's explore what a "Intended bug" is. This is a quote from Blizzard end user license agreement "cheats; i.e. methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard (whether accomplished using hardware, software, a combination thereof, or otherwise), influencing and/or...
  4. XPOn BG’s after patch?

    I hopped on my Twink today to try and run some xpon bgs, I used the old exploit and I was tped in and instantly ported out. I was wondering if anyone has found any workarounds. I was playing around with dc macros and lag macros but haven’t had any luck yet. If someone has a workaround please pm...
  5. Devm

    EU+US 8.1.5 Warsong Gulch Remastered Jumps

    Hello everyone. I'm Devm, best jumper in the history of World of Warcraft. This is probably my 34th jumping video. The people that are familiar with my old ones will know that this video will probably rock your socks off. I made this video within a 1 day timespan, so just imagine... Anyway...
  6. Emelia

    How to talk about exploits you find if you want to keep using them.

    First I'd like to start off by asking that if a mod has an issue with this thread to send me a message as well as delete the thread if they must. I will fully understand their decision to do so. We here, or at least most of us here, are a family of sorts. We play the game differently than most...