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  1. ecua.quel

    Most viable classes for BGs

    Play whatever you like, fuck tiers. Have a nice day
  2. ecua.quel

    Talents Preview Discussion [w/ Calaculator Link]

    I just feel roll should be a leveling learnt hability and not having to choose a sothing mist to be able to roll
  3. ecua.quel

    other twink brackets

    Ye those classes were broken at Mop and Wod but I still remember not seeing 7 of them in the same match (in one faction) like hunters nowadays. You could still play whatever you like and kick ass if you were good.
  4. ecua.quel

    Ret Paladin

    cele - vers: constant dmg Mast - vers: Big hits, slower playstyle
  5. ecua.quel

    Alchemy or Tailor net for arcane mage pvp?

    i consider the net more usefull for a melee, as a mage you can slow in range and port a few yards... i would go for flask
  6. ecua.quel

    "Your game of the week" thread.

    sup y'all. Kinda sick of watching hunter caps, so here's a ww monk one.
  7. ecua.quel

    Is Warrior Worth Playing After Crusader Nerf

    If you like the class just play it bruh
  8. ecua.quel

    Transmog Flex Thread

    mail and leather xmog collection
  9. ecua.quel

    Most useful xpac of enchanting for f2p

    Wotlk enchanting is the fastest and easiest to level up, you just buy and disenchant the gear that sells the intendent vendors, you just need some gold. Wotlk enchanting has an hability learnt at 25 pts I guess were you could get the common mats from the epic ones.
  10. ecua.quel

    Opinions on Melee 2H weapon of choice

    baron scales depending on the class. ex: in warriors heal like 50 and in paladins heals around 240p
  11. ecua.quel

    Bramble Staff available on warriors?

    Yes, you can get and used it as a warrior
  12. ecua.quel

    No Outland archeology dig sites ?

    all continents in azeroth, outland and draneor, except shadowlands have archeo sites
  13. ecua.quel

    No Outland archeology dig sites ?

    Same problem here :c. Might send a ticket soon to ask
  14. ecua.quel

    "Your game of the week" thread.

    horde main and ali alt solo q
  15. ecua.quel

    Best place to farm Destiny

    you can farm classic boes with a 17/18 toon, the big question is Where. Currently farming at Nethergarde mine, but nothing yet
  16. ecua.quel

    F2P/Vet Picture Thread

    Prepatch tb
  17. ecua.quel

    F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    vet sv hunter: vet fury warrior:
  18. ecua.quel

    F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    Holy paladin f2p -
  19. ecua.quel

    F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    Main ww monk (f2p)