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  1. Baron Mount Solo possible?

    You have a point, of course. That is why I said trying to provide. And failing, according to your post. But that's okay. Honestly abusing glitches didn't even cross my mind when making my post, so I can't even claim to have omitted it willfully. Although I admit I would have, had I thought of it.
  2. Baron Mount Solo possible?

    I respect the ingenuity of out of bounds skips and the work that goes into finding and abusing such glitches. But it's not for me and I will never take it into account when trying to provide helpful opinions.
  3. Baron Mount Solo possible?

    The whole "no loot" thing is somewhat odd. Last time I twinked (pre-scaling, pre-levelsquish) skull mobs would give absolutely no loot. Yet when I went to Tanaan yesterday, the first couple rares did drop loot and Apexis, but after a handful they just stopped dropping anything. Nok-karosh...
  4. Baron Mount Solo possible?

    50 runs kinda rookie numbers tbh. It's a rare drop after all.
  5. first aid/bandages???

    I literally looked at the bandages while making my post. Level 15 required, 800 points of healing. Truth be told, I rarely use bandages myself due to SL gems, but I can see it for some bosses that have something where you have to leave melee range and/or they don't attack for a bit.
  6. My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    Now I don't play HC, but this pack of presumably elite mobs... I am currently flying over there to take them all on. Juicy. Update: Oneshot me, nvm.
  7. first aid/bandages???

    Netherweave bandages (the normal ones) for 800 hp. First Aid profession is no longer a thing in Retail and you don't need to have Tailoring to use bandages.
  8. Are F2P Tanks still able to solo dungeons?

    That fully depends on what your mastery does. Like prot warrior mastery is the worst thing ever while arcane mage mastery is awesome. (Imo)
  9. Are F2P Tanks still able to solo dungeons?

    Soloing as a tank is pretty simple, although slow. Maybe there are a couple bosses that pose a problem due to mechanics (Nethecurse third phase comes to mind), but being solo also eliminates many mechanics, like mind control.
  10. Do you guys often encounter LFG people who get mad at you for running a dungeon "too fast"?

    While I don't do 30s and not 10s, I had my share of 10s (shoutout to Flitzpipe, if they're around here), I don't think it's fair to jump into a dungeonfinder group and reduce everyone else in the group to a bunch of bystanders that run unopposed through a pile of corpses left behind. If you...
  11. Experience Eliminated Buff is Missing

    This sometimes happens. I also am worried everytime but it does not make you gain experience. Oddly enough, when grouping with high level characters, they don't show the XP debuff. It is probably just a visual glitch that happens when you change instances on the server with the wrong packet...
  12. Cata JC

    The dailies require level 30, just like the rep dailies across Cata zones. At 29 you're most likely out of luck.
  13. 30s Solo PvE Question - "Conan, what is Best in Slot?"

    Well then put +3 str gems in the sockets which is a net positive for strength. I get your point, I just really don't want to farm WoD dungeons xD And gems are region-wide. Huh. Next thing you'll tell me this has been a thing for years and I've been living a lie.
  14. 30s Solo PvE Question - "Conan, what is Best in Slot?"

    Hehe, slow it is. I did some some thinking on the WF vs ICC gear topic and with SL gems granting passive self-heal for each slot (as long as each piece has different gems) it might be better for soloing. Looking at 2100+ heals per tick with full ICC gear (plus running speed at cap, probably)...
  15. Long time Lurker looking for an easy fix

    Tank classes are really powerful in terms of survivability. Personally I can vouch for prot warrior to be virtually unkillable for physical bosses at least. Can't rember the boss mechanics in HoV and NL off the top of my head, but as long as there are no swathes of unavoidable magical damage it...
  16. 30s Solo PvE Question - "Conan, what is Best in Slot?"

    I'm in the midst of dragging my warrior through ICC right now. Deathbringer is actually really good I think. 88str/132crit or haste is really powerful imo. Luckily SL gems are really cheap here, so I got those no problem. The selfheal is insane, looking at 200+ hps passive on full ICC gear...
  17. 30s Solo PvE Question - "Conan, what is Best in Slot?"

    "To outheal the dungeon boss, mitigate 90% of its damage and reflect its targeted spells back at it." Greetings and well met... twinkers? Is that a term? I have recently returned to twinking 30s (the late Legion stat squish killed my interest in it) after learning about Blizzard "normalizing"...