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    Bis professions

    Oh lawd…
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    Profession Bonus Chart

    Differences are in green.
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    Profession Bonus Chart

    All professions are virtually identical, with Jewelcrafting and Engineering being better than the rest of the pack. However, Jewelcrafting will get worse as the expansion progresses, while Blacksmithing will get better. This is because Epic Gems will bring JC back to the rest of the pack...
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    Bis professions

    As time goes on, with the introduction of epic gems, JC isn’t at quite the advantage it is at the beginning of the xpac. However, JC is a very strong choice. In all actuality, bonus stats work out about the same, at least at end game. Professions is is something that Blizzard got right believe...
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    Could've done this better

    Blizzard doesn’t buff/nerf twinks. Generally, whatever happens to twinks is just a side effect of endgame changes. There aren’t enough twinks to waste their time on, especially now.
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    concern with the merge

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    World first Sporregar Exalted done!

    “World’s First” second go’round. /cheers
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    400k HK Club

    Not on a single toon but I have over 1/2 a million easily on two. /cheers
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    WoW References in Real Life
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    Shadowlands Stand Outs!

    A “best of” list on TI where the OP doesn’t list themselves?!!! This site has gone to hell and a hand basket! /cheers
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    Comparison between BFA and SL twinking

    I have become exalted in factions because of running TBC instances for a single piece of gear. Gear grinding is part of the path to BiS though. When you see that piece drop you do a fist pump and go on to the next gear grind. /cheer
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    How do you wipe?

    Crumple or fold? /cheers
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    @Chops killem with kindness!

    @Chops killem with kindness!
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    Rerolling a character over and over for sockets

    Or when they are dumbasses and don’t stay in range of their heals. /cheers
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    Mistweaver General ideas / help before sub runs out

    Going to want haste as a secondary stat for MW my friend. /cheers
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    Rerolling a character over and over for sockets

    People ironically think that no version of WoW existed before 9.0x. People ironically also think that the game can only be played one way. Free your mind and the rest will follow. /cheers
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    Rerolling a character over and over for sockets

    Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. See you in hell my friend!! <3 /cheers You are correct. That’s why I adapted my style for this xpac/patch my friend. Please read the last sentence of my post you...
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    Rerolling a character over and over for sockets

    Everyone has their own play style regardless of what others think is truly “BiS”. That’s what is so unique about playing lowbies their is no true “BiS” for a class and spec only what is BiS for YOU. Personally, I have always been a stamina stacker then a versatility/stamina stacker on my...
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    How are we feeling about the 20s bracket in SL so far?

    I fear you do not know to whom you are addressing my friend. :) /cheers