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  1. Still playing 45?

    Robo, 50's are pretty cool, for a lot of reasons. Probably the best real PvP twink (not counting the weird things 10s and 11s can do, talking about a level with talents and lots of OP gearing options.....I play around with my 50 a lot. But I would not recommend leveling one. You have a lot of...
  2. 50's Community Alive?

    No community per se, but there are a few at 50 that tweak the limits of what is possible (well, five I know of, five of us) - but there are some interesting reasons to keep a 50.
  3. Old Raid procs (WF, tert, sock)

    Solid assumption. The only hiccup is that heroic and mythic dungeons below DF still proc, WF, socks and tert, seen it all recently. So it likely has nothing to do with chrome time scaling, I assume they turned it off in raids below DF, for some reason, not listed in patch notes (I have found)...
  4. Old Raid procs (WF, tert, sock)

    I have not seen a proc in a raid drop in a couple of months (classic-SL) - no sockets, terts or WF. Only thing I have seen is thunderforge thunderforge in ToT. Legion used to proc all the time. The only raid proc I have seen is on a 70. So am I unlucky, not looking in the right place? What...

    I have wanted to get that last piece done on my 50 for a long I will make myself availible. just let me know

    I would like to participate, although I cannot help by having a Horde Toon, My ally is Runos Blackwater Raiders. Let me know. Thanks!
  7. 9.1.5 and SL World Quests

    The sword Dreamsong Saber, is from a chest in Ardenweld (the lamp chest). I have literally seen folks (50s) with it equipped and the GM confirmed s much, now it is level 60 required. For agility users, there is another high-level sword that is still equitable (and of course those glaives are...
  8. 9.1.5 and SL World Quests

    This is a legit good question, one we will know the answer to soon. I have an addon question, one that has been answered in a round about way here but not directly. Has anyone seen a WQ and or silver dragon loot increase at all at 50. It seems to me that the renown and rewards are just...
  9. Green Wpn ilv Drops for 49s

    Thank you, I was afraid that this was the truth, glad I did not roll a 49 toon to test it as my 48 can do all there is to do and as you say, TW multisocket wpns would be best anyway
  10. Green Wpn ilv Drops for 49s

    Looking to used a 48 0r 49 toon to farm green BOEs for a 45. My 48 toon farms ilv 51 (lvl 44 reguired) greens, wondering what drops for a 49 (in BFA) before I roll one.
  11. Green Wpn ilv Drops for 49s

    I recently rolled a 48 for the purpose of farming a weapon (green with tertiary and socket) for my 45 to replace the now useless artifact (I refuse to abandon my 45). level 50s farm level 47 required weapons from BFA and prior. Level 48's farm ilv 51 (level 44 required). So level 49s have to...
  12. What to do with my lvl 50

    Hopebreaker Pack, Abandoned B Thank you. i found your previous post. I guess I need to dust off that lvl 50 Rouge that I hate.
  13. What to do with my lvl 50

    Great post! Wowhead indicates people find Hopebreaker Pack, Abandoned Belongings, Stoneborne Legion Supplies, Castle Strongbox, Reliquary of Remembrance, Parish Chest in multiple locations. Is there a trick to this?
  14. Legion twinks (lvl 45 xp locked)

    Yes, that 40 was all post SL. I am not sure what his purpose is. Islands are a cakewalk but I am wary of running them often, people notice.
  15. Legion twinks (lvl 45 xp locked)

    Yep. I have a WoD locked 40 and a Legion 45 - fun projects, the neck, some azurite gear, and other options make it fun. Legion is the only expansion where warforging means anything at this point.
  16. Multiboxing Ban

    Nope - but all of my stuff was still there, even those items that I am not certain I can get any longer and have a red level requirement on one of my guys (even though they work and are equipped, I was worried those would not come back to me). Guild was intact, RAF progress intact. I sent a...
  17. Multiboxing Ban

    Inno is probably right. In any event, I just received the final resolution. Your ticket has received the following response: "Hello again, This is Game Master XXXX with an update. Thanks for your patience while this was looked into! After a further review of the situation I was able to...
  18. Multiboxing Ban

    The first response to ticket took almost 52 hours but was not automated and not a regurgitation of "you bad, banned." I will advise further. I see breadcrumbs or reports that other multibox players were banned the same night I was, almost all I have found make the same claim I have that they...
  19. Multiboxing Ban

    Pally, hard to imagine I pissed anyone off, I hardly ever interact with others and as said only for a couple of islands a day with the pally, nothing else. Hung, I operate in exactly the way you describe as your playstyle. We will see how this plays out. I created the account here merely to...
  20. Multiboxing Ban

    Negatory, I have an authenticator, only login at home and I can still login to Battlenet with my old acct info. I was not hacked. I feel you, this is the Interwebs and people seldom tell full-truth, but honest Abe, I was just a low-key PVE dude with 4 accounts and I seldom played more than...