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  1. Elation

    Back to BC?

    when you go through portal to blasted lands look on your map, you should be able to speak to Zidormi at the top of blasted lands. Change to a different version and you should be all good
  2. Elation

    Lvl 1 BOE Farm

    I've been reading through threads but couldn't see anything, could anyone advise some good legion farming spots for boes? Sorry if it's been mentioned somewhere.
  3. Elation

    EU+US Old Ironjaw

    Ah I see, makes sense then. I was considering making a lvl 1 sham so I could get the offhand on that too, but that sounds like rather a long grind when I have other chars to work on too.
  4. Elation

    EU+US Old Ironjaw

    Got Old Crafty on my lvl 5 last night. Was around 600 casts, so very lucky.
  5. Elation

    Armory list for 60s

    Nice 60s! Most of mine need some updating. Managed to get cloak of rot on my priest a while back and also got lucky with socket bracers. Was working on a 60 horde mage, just not played it much recently. Kae#21943 if you wanna add me
  6. Elation

    Official Epic Upgrade Bragging Thread (Warning: Jealousy/Salt)

    Has anyone confirmed whether Deadmines Cleaver can upgrade to epic?
  7. Elation

    Are Shadowfangs still sought after?

    Yeah they're all 24 ilvl, thanks for the reply. Also, what about Gloomshroud?
  8. Elation

    Are Shadowfangs still sought after?

    As the title says, are people still after shadowfangs at 19? just because i have a bunch of lvl 19 ones and wondered whether they were worth more than scaled up ones. This is on eu if it makes any difference. Thanks
  9. Elation

    EU+US armory lists

    Kathyx - holy pala
  10. Elation

    EU+US armory lists

    my warr for arms and fury - Hosu also have bis gear for MW on - Kæ
  11. Elation

    EU+US 60's Battle Tag List

    (EU) sliceyafacee#2526 x)
  12. Elation

    WTS Precious' Ribbon for gold @The Maelstrom alliance

    Very quick runs! 100% reliable, pm me if you want more info:)