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  1. F2P/Vet Picture Thread

    Finally full epic / gem socket chest on my vet hunter. Surely took long enough to get that final trinket slot. Kinda torn on what to do next. Vet horde resto druid, holy paladin or no WoW at all.
  2. How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    Go back to normal/bfa timeline and then do WoD dungeons by running to the instance entrance.
  3. How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    Just takes forever and ever and eeeeever. I had the luck of bumping into a level 10 twink guardian druid that would speed run it with me and it still took us like 25 runs to get it.
  4. Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory

    @icehawk is Bottled Flayedwing Toxin doing as much damage as the ooze/totem trinkets? Noticed you had it equipped.
  5. To do list | Free game time Weekend

    - Ask mage for port to Valdrakken, set your hearstone there and use dragonriding on your level 20 whenever you're bored. Hella fun but might not work for vets without Dragonflight expansion.
  6. BEWARE: Free Game time

    Nearly leveled my hunter. Noticed in the last second.
  7. F2P/Vet Picture Thread

    Gratz. Wasted 2 entire nights of afk farming undead mobs just to figure out that dang thing is account wide. There is no indication of that anywhere and especially not in the spellbook but once you obtain it all future hunters will automatically have access to undead taming.
  8. Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory

    20 vet bm hunter. Fresh character and new to the bracket but gearing quickly thanks to the steam deck :POGGERS:.
  9. Rate of warforged drops reduced massively

    Had a similar experience in the last 24 hours. Went from 0 to 9 wod epics including one with a gem slot in under 20 runs. #chestday Edit: Make it 10 just got the staff while typing this post.
  10. How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    My question is can a level 70 trade it to a level 20 with active subscription if both players participated in the boss kill.
  11. How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    Can those trinkets be traded from subscripted account to subscripted account and if yes can it be traded from an eligible class to a paladin? Still got two days of game time left and would love to get the Plaguefall trinket on my paladin. (WeylandCorp #11872 if somebody with a sub wants to help)
  12. Which slot can proc socket from WOD gears

    Can you post a screenshot? Quite awesome.
  13. Which slot can proc socket from WOD gears

    Can E really proc a tert? I farmed that one for a week straight getting about 150 chest drops never seen it proc anything. Might have something to do with that chest already being way over budget stat wise. (+11/11/11 vs your average epic proc chest which is +13/+13 secondary stats)
  14. Affliction or Shadow for Battlegrounds?

    Might give destro a try then. Shadow was quite fun in the couple bgs I played. How much of a difference does the Blade of Eternal Darkness make? Maraudon is so annoying to farm. Edit: Nvm got the Blade on the second run.
  15. Affliction or Shadow for Battlegrounds?

    Hey guys I recently started playing WoW on a Steamdeck and got 2 days of gametime to move enchants and gems to my vet account. With that in mind and me having no experience in this bracket I would like to know if I should make a shadow priest or affliction (maybe destro?) warlock for...