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  1. Yde

    Question about warriors.

    My router fried itself and I only have incredibly slow internet on my phone. Will not be doing much moderating for a while. :( If you only threw me a mention, report this thread please, Batts! Only read the first two pages since loading takes forever, but it's sad to see how unhelpful comments...
  2. Yde

    Veteran's Day

    What am I supposed to do about this thread? Got a report on someone posting someone else's picture without consent, but then Flamer posted himself anyway, so he doesn't seem to mind? The constant bashing and DDOS threats are also something I'd personally like to see as a reason for post deletion...
  3. Yde

    How you can lose ? xD

  4. Yde

    How you can lose ? xD

    Wow, the cultural stereotyping... I assume the banter is mutual in here, no one is being overly mean, and I don't need to read the entire thread? (Please!) And don't diss baguette, people. Baguette is a long way above some of the glorified cardboard people call bread in some places.
  5. Yde

    Shft for MVP

    Voting is never over. The system is always in place, to vote for people on posts that are exemplary for their high quality posting and there are automated threads in the staff section that are created once enough people vote for one user. These nominations can then be evaluated whenever the site...
  6. Yde

    Veteran's Day

    Honor veterans, but please don't post graphic videos.
  7. Yde

    Twinkinfo Fundraising Extravaganza!

    Good riddance. The newer vBulletin versions are worse than 4. vBulletin isn't as versatile a platform as Xenforo, or at least it's much easier to implement and maintain custom features on Xenforo for people without a programming background, which I don't think Myrm has. The integration of blogs...
  8. Yde

    EU+US Level 20 Resources

    Licholas - Already mentioning the Addon in the first post and also giving a link to the Spanish guide wouldn't be hard, but I think Lenny is right, with no knowledge of English at all someone would need to be pointed at the Spanish thread directly and is unlikely to find it through this thread...
  9. Yde

    Twinkinfo Fundraising Extravaganza!

    Can I make it: If we reach 1k you will sing a song chosen by the community, within reason? Speak? Is he known for no voice communication?
  10. Yde

    Picnic Thread!

    Great guide! :) Don't be salty, this is just for screenshots and to promote more picnics, anywhere. No claim of originality here, I just love picnics. Please post some of your own! :)
  11. Yde

    Replacing the old Code of Conduct with a New Twink Charter

    I love you. Good luck on your exam! P.S.: Can I steal your words if I write a second draft?
  12. Yde

    Twinkinfo Fundraising Extravaganza!

    I'm sorry, Mocha, you're right of course. I just want this to be about fun pledges, but my suggestion was inappropriate. I definitely wouldn't ask you to donate, I probably would not in your place. I just thought a picnic would be a nice gesture to show that in the end having a forum for all...
  13. Yde

    Xenforo Fundraiser

    Drugs, you're awesome! <3
  14. Yde

    Twinkinfo Fundraising Extravaganza!

    Start by nominating people and posting ideas! :) I challenge Pizza to bake a Twinkinfo themed Pizza and take a photo. I challenge Solipsist and Mocha to have a picnic on stream, with lots of /love and trading flowers. I challenge Snowjobs to organize a thousand turkey strut (million moo march...
  15. Yde

    Forum Name Change

    Also just PM an admin, maybe Broken or Superstylin, since Myrm has to manage a lot of stuff currently. :) You being the owner of the old account must be verifiable somehow, include the email you registered under if you know it. They can also check whether the IPs match. If it isn't verifiable at...
  16. Yde

    Lets diagnose inoobupro

    The people who tell you to kill yourself may have an Anger Disorder? I bet it would be classified as Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which sounds awesome. Or were you talking about yourself? If you enjoy provoking reactions out of others to the point where you cannot control it and cause...
  17. Yde

    Twinkinfo Fundraising Extravaganza!

    So post ideas for hilarious milestone actions you'd like to see people do! And throw people a mention to get them in here. :) We didn't actually ask Drugs, Pizza or Myrm or any of the others on staff yet, feel free to pressure them into volunteering, muahaha.
  18. Yde

    Xenforo Fundraiser

    Laurasia want to post your super sweet idea for a drive now? :D I wrote it up: [/SPOILER]
  19. Yde

    Twinkinfo Fundraising Extravaganza!

    Laurasia had a super sweet idea for a fundraiser drive! I'm making her post it!