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  1. pokspell

    10s Armory List

    It's the max ilvl depending of your level!
  2. pokspell

    Legion Class Hall for Lvl10 Monk

    Go in any Chromie Time to be able to use the portal in Legion Dalaran
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    10s Armory List

    Well, I was checking amories ealier today and in fact, half of them are outdated. I have to separate levels anyway, so when I'll do that, i'll do a clean up
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    10s Armory List

    First thing first, the last few weeks I was busy, with the end of my university session + I began my internship + the cadet training at my unit was ending (thing in Canada). Second thing second, your character miss some gear to be put on the list! ;)
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    question for twink monk mist/brew?

    For BM? Level 11 get Keg Smash, which can be useful, but except for that, you don't gain much to go to 11. For MW, 100% level 10
  6. pokspell

    question for twink monk mist/brew?

    Dark Iron are strong for their mobility, Mole Machine, and have a powerful Racial. Iiiiiiiiiif you really want to go optimal DPS, Gnome and Goblin are Best in MW
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    question for twink monk mist/brew?

    A 3.6 Weapon Speed. there is a quest in Southern Barren that can give a 1h mace with 3,6 weapon speed, if it procs epic it can go to ilvl29. so you can put Lifestealing on it and having a off-hand with elemental force. Otherwise, a 2h weapon
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    question for twink monk mist/brew?

    Whatever the build you'll have with Brewmaster, Mistweaver will always do more damage. With that in mind, Brewmaster is strong because it can't be slow via multiple mobs, being a tank spec. So rely mainly on Lifestealing to do your damage on BM, having a 3,6 weapon speed and good investment in...
  9. pokspell

    Wich is the most powerful twink?

    There is not one most powerful class/spec class in DF. There is multiple and for different reason. Guardian Druid is strong because it has good AoE option and Single Target options (both case with Lifestealing), as well with great mobility and good healing (but not powerful though). Fury...
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    Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory

    I don't mind if no one want to take it. I already do that for the 10s section, not a big deal to do 2 brackets!
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    10s Armory List

    I didn't add your monk, it miss too much gears to be add. Let me know when it will be well gear!
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    10s Armory List

    Nice mog!
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    10s Armory List

    I add most of them, those who miss too much gear are not add for now. Nice twinks overall!
  14. pokspell

    Shadowgrasp Totem

    Not better, but not worse neither. Level 10 has around 85 points tert stats, with speed having 98 points (but you need 77 to cap speed). Level 20 has around 120 tert stats, without any gems. I finalized the tert stat scaling on both level recently, and both have around the same % if they reach...
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    Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory (Link-account F2P) Might not be lucky on socket proc, but at least I have or mastery or speed on everything!
  16. pokspell

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    I looked the website and it seems interesting to try! I'll try for sure!
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    Dragonflight F2P Baseline Guide

    Another post where my base stat sheet is use! (I'm totally fine that your use it! Sharing is caring!) My power is extended everyday! Nice post too! Great job!
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    Best class/spec/gear for boosting people 10-60?

    For Vengeance, I went with Blazing Path and 1 points in Shattered Restoration in the general tree, and Fel Devastation and Fiere Brand in the Spec tree. For Havoc, I went with Blazing Path and 1 points in Unrestrained Fury in the general tree, and Eye Beam and Imporved Chaos Strike in the Spec...
  19. pokspell

    Best class/spec/gear for boosting people 10-60?

    Dude, your whole post is pretty solid! While I agree with most statement, there is some I would like to add: For Mistweaver, as Rising Sun Kick sounds fun to have, Tiger's Lust is actually better, your spin deal enough damage to not worry about the kick. Tiger's Lust is a must for when you get...
  20. pokspell

    Weapons for @10 twinks

    Well, for Strength, you can get your hand on one-hand ilvl 39 Epic weapon from SL Rare (I think the Epic is from upgrade, so not guaranteed)(Don't know the mob name, learnt it recently, but I know is repeatable each day). You gain more DPS than Epic ilvl59 agi mace (even with the weapon damage...