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  1. Downsie

    US Patriciowarrior 60 shaman vanilla wow stream LIVE 02/17/17

    F R I D A Y N I G H T B O Y S
  2. Downsie

    US <WFS> recruiting 2-3 for TC Team

    bumpin it
  3. Downsie

    TC hype!!

    TC hype!!
  4. Downsie

    Question: How do I create an EU account from the US?

    I'm sure it's pretty simple but I've never tried doing it before
  5. Downsie

    5.2 Warrior Buff

    I have not really noticed that huge of a difference in damage playing my warrior, so I would not really call it a huge buff
  6. Downsie

    19 Hpal vs 19 hunter can't decide

    Wow, what an overwhelming response in favor of holy paladin...Gotta love the community here at TI. Anyways back to the point. I've decided to chose holy paladin. I am going alliance mainly because my 3s team is making new twinks with me for fun...There's a small chance we might go horde, but...
  7. Downsie

    19 Hpal vs 19 hunter can't decide

    Making a new 19...Can't decide between a holy paladin or a hunter...I'm leaning towards holy paladin but I do have a quick question; How hard does exo hit at 19? Is it as broken at 19 as it is at 70? Anyways, thanks in advance.
  8. Downsie

    Transmog glitch: How do I do it?

    I'm trying to mog a mace to stormhearald, and it is not working...can anyone give a detailed explanation?
  9. Downsie

    60s 3v3 Tournament; Livestream + Commentary! And possible PRIZES!

    Welcome to the official thread for the first 60s 3v3 Tournament. The games will be Livestreamed for all to see and commentated by two selected commentators. LINK TO WORLD OF WARCRAFT OFFICIAL FORUM POST: 60s 3v3 Tournament; Livestream + Commentary! - Forums - World of Warcraft Tournament...
  10. Downsie

    60 Armory List (no 64 and no dks)

    none of the hunters are even close to BiS. Please add my hunter to the list... Downie @ Draka - Game Guide - World of Warcraft
  11. Downsie

    Will 60's return in MoP since you can buy T3 from BMAH?

    60s will come back in MoP because of the return of skirmishes, not becuase of the BMAH, in my humble opinion.
  12. Downsie

    60 Hunter (Few Grandfathered Peices)

    Oh I have a few rings, quest items and yeah enchants not much though ;p. Only head enchant is showing atm
  13. Downsie

    60 Hunter (Few Grandfathered Peices)

    *edit* Oh the shoulder and the scope? Yeah I have 2 of both items, one set enchanted one set not enchanted because I used to raid with Screams :)
  14. Downsie

    60 Hunter (Few Grandfathered Peices)

    Rate my beloved 60 hunter I've had since the end of TBC, any suggestions are cool with me :)