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  1. dushancg

    Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory

    Hunter, MM atm
  2. dushancg

    20s Dragonflight enchants

    When browsing enchants on AH, tick "usable" so you can see exact options you have for each slot
  3. dushancg

    20s Dragonflight enchants

    I changed my +2 dmg scope for gale force, not sure if its better, but confirm it can be applied
  4. dushancg

    Veteran char experience gain?

    My xp bar is at 99%, but when i hover over it says that im 1% intto (presumably next) level. Does this mean if i log character while sub is active ill get 21, is this banked xp i've seen ppl talked about?
  5. dushancg

    EU+US Veteran's Legion Gear Prep Guide

    Hello everyone, i'm new to f2p/veteran, and i have one question: can i level up engineering up to requirement for gear if my sub is currently not active on veteran account? here is my rogue, hope you like transmog because gear is...