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  1. icehawk

    Anything useful to be gained from the Dragon Isles?

    I got the achieve but I didn’t do any of the assaults. I had to wait around for a bit until someone unleashed the beast and I simply went and got bbq’d ;)
  2. icehawk

    Anything useful to be gained from the Dragon Isles?

    Yep, that's the one. Just found it today, just doing a little more dragon flying before the trial ends.
  3. icehawk

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    You’re joking right……. I can’t get it on my main and u get it on HC….. you got some serious luck there mate!
  4. icehawk

    Anything useful to be gained from the Dragon Isles?

    I found a toy in the Niffalim city in Zaralak Caverns. But yeah mainly it’s the fun on dragon riding.
  5. icehawk

    Linked f2p bank xp?

    Fairly certain a linked Starter still banks XP. The only difference is you have all mogs & mounts from your main account, but it still behaves as a Starter Account.
  6. icehawk

    loot Goblin event schedule

    Great thanks for that. I got gold only 2nd time so thought it may only be once but good to know.
  7. icehawk

    loot Goblin event schedule

    Thanks for sharing. When you say once a day, is that per account or per toon?
  8. icehawk

    What did you loot today?=)

    Whenever Blizz, is the kindness of their hearts decide to give us some free time, I usually make a run for various Illusions. Today, the below 3 x Illusions dropped....... Maybe Blizz trying to wet my appetite to buy DF......... ;)
  9. icehawk

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    Those subjugates are brutal. That’s why I try and avoid farming that dungeon, too high a risk to get caught in one. Sorry about ur toon :eek:
  10. icehawk

    various free time gifts check via bnet

    Great find Shanker. I can’t check on BNet just yet but noticed the following online:
  11. icehawk

    20's changed much?

    There’s a massive amount of PvE you can do now at 20, large amounts of pets/mounts/toys etc to collect. Just PvP is rubbish which is a real shame now that we have so much of the game available at 20.
  12. icehawk

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    Sorry dude. Your flying too close to the sun with running through Vol’dun. Nice work though, always sad to see the death of a DK :(
  13. icehawk

    Is it just me or are MOBs hitting harder?

    I noticed some old items in my VS had been reduced in ilvl, so maybe something has snuck in under the radar?
  14. icehawk

    Patch 10.1 nerfing leech 25%

    Hopefully the Hunter pet Leech is left alone. At least talents are remaining u touched. Bit of a whack for Leech gear though,
  15. icehawk


    Honestly once you are semi-geared it won’t matter. Maybe start with a Ferocity pet for the leech, but as you gear up switch to a Cunning pet for the extra speed buff. Tenacity pets are good for the damage reduction buff you can pop. I usually go for Cunning now as nothing stays up long enough...
  16. icehawk

    Best way to store gold as F2P?

    This is what I use, and I stockpile it like an Oil Baron :ez:
  17. icehawk

    Trying to walk to shadowmoon dungeon, but why anguish fortress is sealed?

    The Darkmoon Faire is still in town for another day or so. Get the Darkmoon Cannon, it’s such a useful item for F2P’s. Combined with a Glider there are so many places it will be able to help u get to.
  18. icehawk

    Shadowlands for F2P?

    So long as some kind hearted soul helps them form a party with a Vet that has access to Chromie, then yes, they can access SL’s even with a Vet. They would need to be a very kind soul as SL’s is such a long winded questing story….. o_O However it should be noted that even in SL Chromie time...
  19. icehawk

    Seething Shore in other brackets?

    I feel like Seething is the bg they give u when, after waiting 45mins to 1 hour they decide to put whoever they got into a bg….. :FrogeConcern: I actually can’t bring myself to queue these days…… the state of it is just heart breaking……
  20. icehawk

    Hardcore Poll, please vote

    Sorry to hear that. I think as punishment u should roll a Pali again and quest through SL’s including the Maw (no skip) as penance for the death :D