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  1. Somfas

    CALL TO ARMS! If you want help and speed runs for gear. Follow my Twitch and connect with me.

    haha, you are right, it is not easy to leave but this is different than other times like 20sv24s or even other xpacs where 20s could still kill me using their better skills and outplay me and my keymashing. I honestly feel, for the first time, after running my 29 in a game against all 20s and...
  2. Somfas

    CALL TO ARMS! If you want help and speed runs for gear. Follow my Twitch and connect with me.

    I myself have rolled a new toon on his realm and will gear a 20 because I believe in his visions and hopes for the bracket because it is indeed the bracket that I have been in love with since Cata. Not as a f2p but as a paid player gaining advantages to overcome my lack of skill and my aged...
  3. Somfas

    CALL TO ARMS! If you want help and speed runs for gear. Follow my Twitch and connect with me.

    It's just funny that of ALL the reasons he is doing it for, to keep the bracket alive, to keep doing what he loves, Twink PVP, to help others get geared, to farm HKs and try and catch the EU top HK level 20, because of so many things, you only pointed the selfish part, I guess it's just a...
  4. Somfas

    Let's save level 20 twinking... Squeaky wheel gets the grease

    yeah they totally fixed debuffing but there are GFd people that still have debuffers and every now and then you can still get it to follow you in using the old dungeon method but I am playing max this xpac, actually pretty fun and they didn't hijack us into millions of hours grinding Torghast...
  5. Somfas

    Bracket extremely bursty right now?

    they fixed the Pulverizers fyi, they no longer work on players <3 And ty for the shoutout :)
  6. Somfas

    CALL TO ARMS! If you want help and speed runs for gear. Follow my Twitch and connect with me.

    I agree chops, he is selfish and just wants to 1-shot more level 20s on his level 20. NO ONE has ever done that before. 29s kill vets, vets kill f2ps, f2ps kill new f2ps, Premades trump, hmmm, seems like a pecking order of complainability. I bet someone in here would be happy as a clam if they...
  7. Somfas

    So is 20 bracket dead now?

    the pulverizers are actually still fun, I use em in the slow leveling 20-29s and the games are actually good, a lot of premades of max level pvpers , ran into a 9 man from Sargeras the other day and 2 of us in 112s but using the pulverizers and chest saved the day <3 and I have to apologize to...
  8. Somfas

    what toy is that

    yeah thats it, it was from last Christmas, in the gifts at the tree
  9. Somfas

    Abuse of ExP Eliminated debuff

    its actually very easy to do, if you goto my stream and type xpdebuff in my chat when im streaming (no need to follow) I made a video if you are interested in slow leveling, it is not xp locked, it's a debuff given by blizzard to thwart xp level boosting and works very well for us to enjoy the...
  10. Somfas


    Putting more spells req 21-29 would just bring more scummy slow levelers (hated debuffers) like myself to the bracket. Option #69: make all abilities per bracket, level 20 has all abilities they gonna get till level 30, new abilities every 10 levels. Option #69b: Bring back the...
  11. Somfas

    Korrak's Revenge is fun

    well, by broken, I mean a level 20 has 14-17k health and a 60 has 40-70k health with all their SL covenant abilities able to 1-3 shot 20s, so it's like no chance in hell a level 20 can 1v1 a 60. ( Although the Ghost Iron Dragonling does do some pretty good dammage against 60s. ) It's like a...
  12. Somfas

    Korrak's Revenge is fun

    Yes, the shredder is the equalizer for 20s in Korrak's multiple top damage matches and survivable like crazy if you let the healers know that the Shredders can be healed. Just don't hit [esc] while in the shredder LOL. They can be used at least 1X...
  13. Somfas

    To Gokku - Rest in Peace Old Friend

    My heart breaks every time we lose someone in this family. Horde or Alliance, we are a family, a community that shares a passion for PVP. Sometimes, brothers and sisters don't get along, sometimes they fight and many times have their differences, that's just the way it is in a family. But when...
  14. Somfas

    Condolences to Gokku's friends and Family!

    Condolences to Gokku's friends and Family!
  15. Somfas

    XP OFF Debuff removed

    I just seen this, sorry for the late response but you do realize the difference between xp locked and xp reduced right? I'm just making sure. Both are against Tos because they fixed it ;) But for the sake of getting your report correct, I was xp Debuffed, still gaining xp, just very slowly. I...
  16. Somfas

    craftable gear scales to ilvl 69 with gift wrap

    I have heard though that the legion boe purples are nuts, and the six feather fan. yeah, it is kinda nuts recrafting every day but with so may things that are big advantages, they usually don't last long so yeah, I'm lovin it while it's here, being the trash, garbage, scrub, scummy, "can't...
  17. Somfas

    craftable gear scales to ilvl 69 with gift wrap

    Honestly, sometimes I think I am trying to get banned just so I can escape the skinner box and get back to being an IRL social butterfly and do things like fishing, skydiving, hell, even going to the theatre and paying 30 bucks to watch a new movie just to say I got out of the house for...
  18. Somfas


    I have a few times and it's just a war over kills and damage haha, yes, I love Godmode. In the 20s, I still just another twink but in the teens , I'm "THAT TWINK!" haha, just havin some faceroll fun makin the levelers cry to Blizzard Hoping that they will finally merge us all back together in xp...
  19. Somfas


    that was a rhetorical question, but thanks for the response <3
  20. Somfas


    again /hands on forehead, stares dismissively. Thank you for actually paying attention to the point. do you even read bro?