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  1. 2h weapons

    I'm about to finish up a lvl 11 warrior and have been looking for potential new weapons to use. I currently use 2 of the hatebringer (the socket mace in TBC) but I was wondering if there was a good upgrade from those in WoD. But can't seem to find anything worth while
  2. How active?

    Oh nice, I've been gone a bit, is wod gear still ideal?
  3. How active?

    Been doing a lot more WOTLK than retail recently. How active are these brackets still? Or are they active at all anymore?
  4. LvL boosting

    Whelp I'm thanks for the info Chops, appreciate it
  5. LvL boosting

    Ahh is there a trick to getting a que together?
  6. LvL boosting

    I've made several lvl 10/11 twinks just for dungeon runs. But I'm seeing a lot of people post on my trade chat about doing boost runs from 10-60. Is that something we're able to do now? Do your party members still get the xpofff debuff? If so how do you get around that? If these questions are...
  7. Lvl 10 vs lvl 11

    I see a good mixture of both lvls. Is there a real difference between the 2? Or is it just preference?
  8. Rolling a Ret

    Wanting to roll a Paladin for the first time. Wanting to try out Ret before the other 2 specs. What's a good stat priority for Ret right now? My initial thought was Str>Haste>Vers>Crit But im really unsure where to go with it.
  9. Veteran Level 20 Shadowlands Twink BoE Farmer's Guide/Compendium

    I've gotten a jackhammer before. But mine was dropped for a lvl 120 back in bfa. But I have never even though of farming those things on a 20! That would be a sick drop. Great guide!
  10. What's your grind?

    Tell me about a grind/goal you've been working on completing for longer than you'd like to admit. It can be in game, irl, or a different game. I'll go first. I have 2 big goals I've worked on. First, in game, it's been my goal to obtain all of the "super items" from Uldaman. I've been working...

    Ahh gotcha, I had really used it, just seen it used. Thanks for the info

    Would Parjesh's Medallion be of any interest for a feral? I know it's decent with guardian.
  13. F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    Fire mage
  14. Who uses "fireflash" gear?

    What's the %difference of avoidance compared to dodge?
  15. Who uses "fireflash" gear?

    I value the response but the last thing I need is to join as a hunter lol
  16. [EU] WTB Skullflame Shield (20vet)

    Free bump, wanna see this happen
  17. Who uses "fireflash" gear?

    What class or spec is best suited for using "fireflash" gear? I have a ton and it never seems to sell. So I wanna make use of it myself. What class or spec would benefit the most from haste and crit?
  18. Lapidis Tankard of Tidesippe

    Awesome! Thank you so much. I see a lot of chests that are required 25. Is there a zone with just lvl 20 or is it just luck in all zones?
  19. Lapidis Tankard of Tidesippe

    To all who may read. This is the final piece of the puzzle. What is the easiest way to get this item? I can never find on on my ah.
  20. Farming The Essence Focuser from Chests

    I was on a lvl 20 looking for these chests. But some of them say they require lvl 25. Should I do it on a 25? Or does it matter when I'm needing it to scale down to 20?