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    This is only for strat live correct? I was under the impression undead was 20+.
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    Items available to 29 but not 20.

    Stormherald is GF right? I will let you know how it works out for feral.
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    Any alive old 70s boys
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    Farming Friends! (F2P/Vet tags)

    Always grinding Pigs and dungeons. NA: Alliance, F2P Tank Btag: Soey#1220 Add away!
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    Protection Paladin Weapon and Shield

    Skullflame purchased or farmed? Also sweet build. I have a old vet account that has no time that I'm trying to gear solo a Prot Pally. Been a blast so far.
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    World Drop Farming Compendium (ilvl 28 BoEs)

    Has anyone seen this drop for the 20s yet? Thanks!
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    EU+US [WotLK] Molten (Warmane) 39s

    @Jadyn I agree with @Sanit it's has been ages since I saw that name. Easymodeon of Vek'nilash Guild: I Pug your Premade
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    Meadow of Eluding

    Weapon Chains...
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    Meadow of Eluding

    Magic Dust from Dust Devils in West Fall.
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    Meadow of Eluding

    Let the nostalgia begin. I totally forgot about the dodge mechanics back in vanilla.
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    OG 19s

    Bloodlust where you at? Only Ninteen/The Chosen Few/Die Hard/ Mea Culpa etc.
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    Classic lvl 19 Twink Tier List

    Druid an "A" Tier? Pfft.. they were the gods of FCing, oh and hello again :) long time no see. Heard classic twinks were coming back and I had to see how the community was reacting first hand.
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    US A game of remember when (19) edition.

    Remember when there was no exp off? Remember when druid's shapeshift bug ruled the WSG?
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    [US] WTS HearthStone Beta key [US]

    $25 B/O Bump for Beta Key.
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    Some just have all the luck

    I know right? Thanks for the support guys :) Gal Ex Sea S 3
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    Some just have all the luck

    1st time for fishing contest on a F2P and I ended up with DPR and LFH. Good day :)l Gal Ex Sea S 3
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    [US] WTS HearthStone Beta key [US]

    Just got a Beta key that's up for grabs also my account is still for sale :P -Paypal only- PM.
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    mongoose ench or tazic shocker at 19...patch 5.4?

    Just thought, does this apply to blacksmith slots? Probably doesn't "shrug"
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    mongoose ench or tazic shocker at 19...patch 5.4?

    Nax shoulder return?