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  1. Kunqq

    F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    Rogue Paladin
  2. Kunqq

    How good are you, in terms of PVP at 20 (solo queue BG)

    Probably 20% of those games are from when i've queued with premade but most of those bgs happened in mop/wod/legion and horde just fucked up ally rats :KEKW:
  3. Kunqq

    The origin of our name

    Probably drunk when i came up with Kunqq, later it developed into Kunqz :kekD:
  4. Kunqq

    What is your luckiest/most memorable drop?

    Gotta be double +8 str charged gear gnomeregan rings for my pala which i did 80 runs about. Took about 460 runs on my rogue to get double agi rings
  5. Kunqq

    EU+US I think this is worth 100%

    Wow very good 177k spent, what a bargain! Not like you can fish both of turtle mounts from garrisons for free
  6. Kunqq

    Literally Dray... user 1. OG Admin

    Was just honest question brother!
  7. Kunqq

    Literally Dray... user 1. OG Admin

    Are you autist?
  8. Kunqq

    Old 19s guild from Emeriss EU

    Hey! Does anyone remember this <Cry Babies> guild from Emeriss EU? Is here anyone who was part of it? I joined it back in vanilla on my 19 paladin and had pretty fun time there. There was some cool guys like Namoi and Shiv.
  9. Kunqq

    EU A little tradition or ritual of mine...

    Man you are legend, much respect from Finland
  10. Kunqq

    Worry about yourself.

    Fuck you neon, still the same attentionwhore from twinkinfo
  11. Kunqq

    US A Somber Goodbye

    Farewell pala brother, didnt know you since i played on Eu but you seem like a cool dude!
  12. Kunqq


    This shit was patched before frag belt.
  13. Kunqq

    EU+US Which class and spec do you love the most, and why?

    Retri pala since my first 19 ret pala twink from vanilla. Lot has changed over expansions and i just still love the spec.
  14. Kunqq

    Coming back to pwn some nubs.

    "i'll stack consumables and i pwn noob lvlers" what a fucking hero
  15. Kunqq

    What class to pick for my Undead (Veteran)?

    One day i see king of LM return, Till that day i live by lm
  16. Kunqq

    What class to pick for my Undead (Veteran)?

    Pls dont come to horde, we really dont need shitters like you
  17. Kunqq

    Forum Titles Guide?

    I don't think there's reward for most retarded huntard in xpoff tho
  18. Kunqq

    Moonfired when stealthed 15 feet away?

    Wow a twink who uses bgt, must be haxx