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  1. Nurd

    Cataclysm Classic Confirmed

    Just keep re-releasing vanilla,tbc,wotlk every few years under the idea of "FRESH START!!!!!!" to give people the dose of nostalgia like half the failed korean mmorpgs.
  2. Nurd

    Warcraft Mobile Game: Warcraft Arclight Rumble

    This looks pretty awful tbh, i understand its meant to attract kids to the warcraft universe, but i seriously doubt this is it. I really wish the mafia city joke would come legit instead of this. Imo they should have just ripped off some "big mobile rpg" and dress it into blizzard coat , thats...
  3. Nurd

    10.0 Predictions/Discussion

    Got you covered homie ...wait, wrong expac.
  4. Nurd

    EU Shoutout to all the old peeps

    Rest well legend
  5. Nurd

    question: what do all ya'll think about cross-faction option?

    Just re-write the battleground factions as private corps , problem solved Not that there is much re-writing to do to begin with
  6. Nurd

    question: what do all ya'll think about cross-faction option?

    Who are you quoting?
  7. Nurd

    question: what do all ya'll think about cross-faction option?

    Ah its that time of expansion cycle where we are building up goodwill and show how much we care and listen so the next xpac / 6month sub sells well. Wish they cared this much in MoP when everyone above 1800mmr was human or nelf female. But i guess fac changes were a goldmine at that time. My...
  8. Nurd

    What We Left Behind

    imo wow got heavily carried because of the RTS story/setting foundation it had i think alot of people played founding of orgrimmar campaign and that kickstarted the curiosity about having RPG in the universe vanilla,tbc wotlk had a huge nostalgia to it , characters,zones and references to the...
  9. Nurd

    What We Left Behind

    Yeah...they dont make them mmorpgs like they used to anymore...
  10. Nurd

    Microsoft's acquisition and the future of WoW

    Next year on blizzcon , a man in leather jacket is announcing the next expac. "Its gonna have 16 times the detail and all of it just works." Im literally tearing up rn, i stand up and clap. Launch day, cant believe the garbage shadowlands plot is over, activision-blizzard-bethesda is back...
  11. Nurd

    [EU] The Warchief is coming. AD and Maratian were the beginning, he shall be the end.

    Shit, hope he is allright. As long as any of us old farts TM remember, he will always be a legend.
  12. Nurd

    [EU] The Warchief is coming. AD and Maratian were the beginning, he shall be the end.

    They dont make them like they used to anymore... I miss Maratian, wonder if he still has his old facebook page
  13. Nurd

    Korrak's Revenge is fun

    I mean its not enjoyable for either group, having half of the team useless is not really fun at max level either.
  14. Nurd

    I'm not complaining, I'm asking a question.

    Question older than chicken vs egg
  15. Nurd

    Something interesting

    You think you do, but you dont ;)
  16. Nurd

    Something interesting

    Ah forgot you are right, no mistakes, its just the playerbase thats entitled. Reminds me when legion launched, random bgs were split into 15 brackets based on prestiege level, so if you dinged prestiege 1 in first week you couldnt play bgs anymore because nobody else was on prestiege 1. Asked...
  17. Nurd

    Something interesting

    You do that and they will assign all the teams they got to delete all females and references about them. At that pace, your grand children will get to see wod gear system. Very thoughtful! Why did you say remove twice?
  18. Nurd

    Something interesting

    Crazy how they are going to do everything in their might , to avoid adding last functioning pvp gearing system (wod) back to the game.
  19. Nurd

    Are the numbers of players really declining that strong?

    Its always being brought up with the same 5 other mmos all the time, but if there is maybe some bad taste for gw2. Its probably because GW2 had plethora of problems when it launched, and also they overpromised on what they are bringing. Also even now the game rather struggles with its identity...
  20. Nurd

    20s behavior in dungeons

    Because when somebody ever complained about twinks and gave them a bad name, its totally because leaving dungeons and NOT about gyfarming poor levelers. I'd rather have a person leave and have them be replaced in less than 20 seconds than have some entitled garbanzo tank/healer try to vote...