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    New Favicon?

    people that vote for bandanna should be banned
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    Appear on the Live Streams Sidebar

    Highlighting an edit I made to the main post. Make sure to re-add your streams.
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    Moved various threads from Vanilla->TBC forums and gave stickys. Let me know if I missed any...

    Moved various threads from Vanilla->TBC forums and gave stickys. Let me know if I missed any threads that should have a sticky or be moved.
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    Official Classic 29's Discord (US)

    Updated OP's link and moved to TBC forums.
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    19s TBC Community Discord

    Link to join - I didn't see a thread to sticky so I thought I'd go ahead and make one.
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    TBC 19 Quest/Dungeon Checklists

    Gave thread sticky.
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    [NA] Guild Ranking TBC 19s

    Gave thread sticky.
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    Merge forums

    As Chops stated, they hinted towards developing a Classic Fresh, so I don't think we will be merging the two forums for that reason. However, what I can do is move threads (updated stickys and what not) to their respective forums.
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    … wait, we can have negative ratings for posts now?

    :YEP: You can view which reactions are positive (green), neutral (white), and negative (red) by visiting your profile page.
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    WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Rules & Guidelines

    Join XPOFF Discord Here Welcome to the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic forum section! Before posting, please take a look at our XPOFF forum rules and etiquette. This section is for the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic expansion that Blizzard announced at Blizzcon. The discussion of private servers...
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    Banners, Badges & User Progression

    Updated. Let me know if I missed anything.
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    Rule Clarification

    Upon review of the profile posts, this exchange appears to be teasing rather than taunting. Also, having a conversation with yourself is... strange. Our rules are here: Locked.
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    Phoenix is recruiting (A-Deviate Delight)

    29s was by far the most fun bracket I've played in back in the days. Looking forward to expanding my bracket horizons in classic by making a toon and transferring it over once I have a 60 situated!
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    US Seriously tho

    Don't post threads like these. If you have an issue with another user you should instead report them or open up a conversation with a staff member. Locked.
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    Jamesb's 19 Vanilla Gearing Guide

    After receiving multiple complaints regarding errors in this guide, I've decided to give this thread a 'Not Updated' prefix for the time being.