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  1. Leek

    [New] Newer to the 20 Scene, Looking for some Guidance (PVE Oriented)

    Soloing on hunter requires the usage of Misdirection to transfer the aggro generated from your high damage output to your pet. The aggro generated should be enough to last till Misdirection comes up again.
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    How to Solo Stratholme ?

    You should still be able to farm it with relative ease (done with ilvl58 and heirloom weps) how big are the mob pulls you make and what is your talent setup?
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    Is it possible to solo a dungeon as lvl 20 Arcane mage?

    Unless it's a bug it could be possible you double pressed it, which will instantly warp you back less than a second ago (ie a wasted alter time). You want to press it once and just let it expire on its own. For example on Skulloc, you want to have your mage shield up first. The moment your...
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    Is it possible to solo a dungeon as lvl 20 Arcane mage?

    Yes, for some dungeons. My arcane mage is ilvl75 and can solo the whole of Iron docks without Ooze. Alot of it hinges on your usage of Alter time to eat burst phases to full heal you (especially bosses like the 3 dudes and Skulloc at the end). And using your burst to quickly kill adds in the...
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    [TCG] Blazing Hippogryph | Twitch Drops

    Watched echo for like 4 hours straight and got it :D
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    For those of us with DF expired gametime there is no free game time offered

    For those of us with DF expired gametime there is no free game time offered
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    Tips on getting Runeblade of Baron Rivendare (Solved)

    Not sure what you mean by full strat run in a PuG group. When queued for in dungeon finder there are 2 "wings" of the Stratholme dungeon. Main gate is likely the one you queued for if people are leaving before baron (main gate final boss is Balnazzar) Dunno if 29s can queue for Stratholme...
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    How to reset mara??

    Depends on class, druid can simply port out with class order hall skill. Any other class without a port or stealth, you would have to die and be sent back to the start if you intend to speedrun Earthsong falls. Or you fight your way back out (slow)
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    Where is the option to delete a XPOFF account?

    Well the answer is no, they don't simply delete accounts. The easier solution would be to just not log in.
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    are you in Bfa timeline? The damage boost only works in bfa timeline.
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    Ooze will manhandle him, pets also work but not foolproof Other than that, cannot solo
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    WoD dungeons.

    WoD dungeons.
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    DoS still can be. Cannot confirm but i heard that Plaguefall cannot be queued for but you can still enter it by running there in SL chromie time
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    It is definitely better to have both, but each trinket does well at different things. Ooze is way more rng, but also has a moderate chance of summoning more oozes which can double to quadruple the damage output of the trinket. Also arguably plaguefall is easier to solo than DoS. Stays active...
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    20's changed much?

    Depends when you refer to. Cataclysm? Oh man it's like a whole new world now. Even if you didnt play in shadowlands the game has changed quite a bit in aspects like gearing and class design and even queue pops
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    Could be, the three of them should be a walk in a park as long as not all 3 of them are attacking you. Firstly you want to stack mastery on survival (the mastery scaling for raptor strike is busted and mastery grants you a passive hp regen that can be significant to your survival. Next, the...
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    I don't play MM, so it's not there but from glancing at it i would put it in S or A tier. The hunter specs in general are really strong because of Misdirect allowing your massive damage to retain aggro on pet which boosts survivability.
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    Patch 10.1 nerfing leech 25%

    Well this is a minor oof to something i was building ... Luckily a few classes get bonus baseline leech% talents
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    At lvl20: (note other than resto and disc i do not solo dungeons as healer) ooze usage not included. I leave out specs i havent played. S tier -Guardian druid -Prot pally -Prot warrior -Destro -Demonology -Survival -BM -Resto sham A tier -Shadow priest (fade and mind soothe allows sneaking...
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    Highest DPS class/spec at 20?

    Overall dps i think Survival seems the strongest. You can average around 500-700 dps and maintain it. Destro is also extremely strong with certain combos allowing your Incinerate to crit around 1k+ over and over, also averages 500-600+ dps but is ranged. Burst i think Arcane mage could be the...