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  1. Fujin0

    Where am I going, F2P or P2P?

    Perfect thing to necro! I went on TI to post this screenshot, looked through some threads, puked a bit, then saw the mention, best thing to ever happen. So here goes:
  2. Fujin0

    This is big....

    lol'd at hard DUNGENS but you have to remind yourself that not only dps spells/abilities would get full-on scaling but also healing spells. Example: Rejuv heals for 100 ticks at level 4, because it has stupid base-healing (94 +39.2% SP) at level 4... If you remove the base-healing it might heal...
  3. Fujin0

    Letter to Blizzard to increase level cap

    The rogue I've been leveling. - Having this expertise I can say that what you said is 99% wrong unless you have the gear and understanding I have on my rogue. There's worse than a rogue in leveling brackets and if you've spent more than 1 day doing BGs at 30+ you will know exactly, what I mean...
  4. Fujin0

    Im addicted.

    EU though pryopaladin A Hi to Britni from Bløødthirst
  5. Fujin0

    F2Ps past 20

    I completely disagree and I will never go full f2p ever again. I would still love getting any BiS item at 40 just as much as I do now and I would love to be able to do about 3 times as many quests as now (to be fair, I would only enjoy some quest chains, but still). What you don't get is, that...
  6. Fujin0

    Weapon procs.

    2 Doomspike for max agility or gtfo
  7. Fujin0

    Bring Cata f2p back?

    Ok, I can't let this go Remember Warcraft I internal beta?
  8. Fujin0

    Bring Cata f2p back?

    Fuckit, retail Vanilla is too new, WoW Alpha or gtfo mang
  9. Fujin0

    RFC Speed Challenge

    Prot Warrior & Arcane Mage - trust me.
  10. Fujin0

    Bring Cata f2p back?

    Considering a backpedaling hunter is almost faster than any 60% ground mount with Concussive Shot on, I would say 100% speed is the way to go, but that's just me I guess.
  11. Fujin0

    Got a rant, had a bad day? TELL IT HERE

    I actually planned to level it, but since Enhance is just SO bad in comparison to other classes while leveling, it got me frustrated, now I have a Ret paladin, that I enjoy playing a lot and I WILL finish the shaman once I get bored enough to grind Justice for the Agility-mail looms I still...
  12. Fujin0

    F2PDev, for the Trial Twink

    It's pretty clear that they will remove dodge and parry from old gear as well since it makes no sense, design-wise, to have a stat at earlier levels which then gets removed at 90+, they will do the same for dodge and parry as they will for expertise and hit. Block on the other hand is beyond me...
  13. Fujin0

    Got a rant, had a bad day? TELL IT HERE

    Not like a level 25 hunter deserves RoP, but the same thing happened to me on a level 23 Enhance shaman: I rolled need and some leveling warlock needed on it as well saying I was too afk to deserve loot. Imagine my face. And no, I didn't 24 twink him, he's still 24 with close to no gear on x)
  14. Fujin0

    Terrain jumping/exploiting/coordinating etc

    Mr. Jumps? Or is that your father?
  15. Fujin0

    Terrain jumping/exploiting/coordinating etc

    I could argue that it's other people's enjoyment, but being a fan of BG jumps myself (not that I'm any good at the more advanced ones but hey, I can jump on a stump!). All this discussion about jumps could make a turn point if I say that I find class and stat discrepancy FAR worse than any jump...
  16. Fujin0

    PVP music

    [ENG/ROM] FYIFB (TTBY) OST J-Min Stand Up - YouTube Mr Thunder King [WoW Parody] - YouTube Hard Like Heroic - YouTube Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Sakurasou Live - YouTube Meow | Ember Isolte ft. Crykoda [WoW Parody] - YouTube (great for playing a druid, especially feral) Boomkin...
  17. Fujin0

    On a bright summers day...

    It works for the dps (agility, strength, intellect) scrolls just as well; I tried it on a leveling rogue in the 10-14 bracket once, it was disgusting and I've stopped using them...
  18. Fujin0

    It's a bird, it's a plane

    We didn't 'laugh' at it (especially not in a mean way), we just found it funny, because Som is always DND we didn't get the chance to hear his thoughts on being a paladin :)
  19. Fujin0

    It's a bird, it's a plane

    I could show you some parts of our skype convo, but what's the fun in that?
  20. Fujin0

    It's a bird, it's a plane

    I find this question highly offensive and insulting, because it's obviously Broken.