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  1. Project 19, 20, 25, 30?

    What is this you speak of..?
  2. Project 19, 20, 25, 30?

    I do get it though man, for me just seeing the number 19 on a character portrait is nostalgic :(
  3. Project 19, 20, 25, 30?

    Awesome Chops - thanks for the referrals ill hit em up!
  4. Project 19, 20, 25, 30?

    Hey everyone, For the vast majority of SL, I have played endgame content and pushed raid and m+, but I've got the itch for some low level pvp as I do from time to time and I was doing my best to flip thru the forums here to get a grip on what would provide me the most active community and from...
  5. NA Region Project 30 Interest?

    im so down horde or ally? I main ally on arthas but idc let me know id love to do this What sever?
  6. US 60 warlock twinking

    Small update on my progress - i got blade of eternal darkness so ill be using that with (elemental force)? and for offhand i got book of the dead and manual of clouds for vers boost for fun Major int or ele force on wep?
  7. US 60 warlock twinking

    Hey sorry for the late reply, i do home reno for a living and sometimes my work days are unpredictable havent been able to get back to you - a helping hand would be nice! add me Mitchell92#1327
  8. US 60 warlock twinking

    Are the waves difficult, do you need to be on a 60+ character to be present when the event starts for it to start for your character? im flyin there rn to see for myself but figured id pose the question. The alch pot is sweet i have it on some 19s from back when, and I can agree that the offset...
  9. US 60 warlock twinking

    Sounds like i wont be able to get those gems then :( so ill just stack those 5 int and 5 crit ones? I was wondering if i found a hidden gem with that wep, guess not. Also, i feel like ill have a hard time getting a 60 epic foam staff so ill stick to farming the mara dagger...fml. I was lucky...
  10. US 60 warlock twinking

    Getting closer and closer to fully geared - things are lookin up. Pretty much modeling my guy after yours - seems like a perfect setup. Only thing is im not sure how to get the stam enchants on shoulders and im having a hard time finding the name of those special gems you mentioned :( also any...
  11. US 60 warlock twinking

    Yeah Book of the dead proc rate is absolute garbage...i havent had it proc once through multiple dungeons its a huge disapointment... on the otherhand while agree demo is pretty superior...i just crit for 22k on an affliction lock using death bolt in a one shotish build haha wow...didnt expect...
  12. US 60 warlock twinking

    Holy smokes thank you for all this! ill follow this guide very closely this is exactly what i was lookin for! I just figured vers would be the best over all build to go with - would you agree? 24 vers sounds nice to me! im having a ton of fun as demo its really a fun little character to hop...
  13. US 60 warlock twinking

    Thanks for the replies everyone - my goal with this char is to just troll around 60 zones and wpvp till xpac comes out basically and I know i can do that without twinking but obviously doing that with a twinked char is more fun (imo). Id be down to do organized pve if anyone lets me know about...
  14. US 60 warlock twinking

    Hello everyone, ive decided to make my demo lock a twink at 60 just for fun and to see how good i can make one given its disadvantages. Couple quick questions i wanna get some opinions on. Since im demo I was thinking it might be fun/worth it to farm book of the dead from balzanaar in strath...
  15. US Enh shaman

    Thanks @Chops ! the last twink i made was an hpal for 19s and it was because of the same allure, underplayed and overlooked by most. so i built one that now kicks ass id say. 1025 heal crits and 5-600 dmg with judgement people really dont expect the dmg my hpal can do and that makes it all the...
  16. US Enh shaman

    im bored as hell with wow for the most part and i only really log on to plow through dungeons on old 19s or que for the occasional f2p 20s bg as i am unsubbed currently. For some reason enhancement looks kinda fun to me to twink at 20, but before i commit to making a good enh shaman, i wanna...
  17. EU+US Anyone else have a full epic set?

    Wow. thanks so much for the info! - im trying to do some research on this vendor but i cant seem to find the one that sells armor? i only have seen Historian Llore but on wowhead it just says he sells cosmetic stuff. the AV battlemaster? where is this?
  18. EU+US Anyone else have a full epic set?

    How does the anniversary event help? I havent heard about this... :(
  19. EU+US Experience gains with XP turned OFF

    Another very small random thing it could be is a combiantion of these above plus IF you use the addon bartender and you click the "status bar" this displays the exp and rep and AP bar when leveling etc. Maybe in bartender you got it turned off but the actual xp on? Idk wish you luck i dont...
  20. EU+US Experience gains with XP turned OFF

    Fair enough.