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  1. Lunar Fortune Buff gives +4.770 hp at lvl 1

    Sorry for that! I just got exited and didnt see it in the recent lvl 1 thread. But I'll try using the Search button next time ;) Feel free to delete my redundant posts
  2. Lunar Fortune Buff gives +4.770 hp at lvl 1

    Title! Get a Lucky Rocket Cluster from one of the Elders, and throw it at a rocket launcher and you'll get +4.770 hp! Thats boss level :)
  3. Lvl 1's can queue for Shadowfang Keep during Love is in the Air

    On my lvl 1 hunter I just did the Love is in the Air event questline that ends with queueing up for Shadowfang Keep just outside Shadowfang Keep. You can queue up as a lvl 1, enter and get loot and achievement, even if you as a lvl 1 don't have access to the dungeon finder on you toon. But you...
  4. LvL 10 Twink Gnomish Engineering vs Goblin Engineering

    It requires level 20 to learn either Gnomish Engineering or Goblin Engineering, so unfortunately it is not learnable for lvl 10's :(
  5. 10s Armory List

    I have done Mechagon daily quests with twinks in current timeline and in BC timeline, so I guess its safe to conclude that you can do the daily quests no matter what timeline your twink is currently in.
  6. Lvl 10 mistweaver, getting to Mechagon.

    You need to unlock Mechagon and its daily quests on your lvl 10. It is done through a questline beginning with The Legend of Mechagon. The last quest in the questline (quest nr. 17, that requires you to do the Mechagon dungeon, which you cannot enter at lvl 10) can be completed without actually...
  7. How to explore Dragon Isles xpoff?

    Back when it was possible to use dragonriding at low levels I was able to complete the 5 zones available at that point on my lvl 10 warrior: So technically it is possible to complete at...
  8. 10s Armory List

    You acquire the rings by raising your reputation with Rustbolt Resistance to Revered and then buying the Blueprint: Extraordinary Adventurer Augment from the Quartermaster. The blueprint starts a quest-turn-in that allows you to craft Extraordinary Adventurer Augmentation (EAA). When you...
  9. 10s Armory List

    My lvl 10 MW monk. My excuse for suggesting this addition to the already long list of healing monkies is its lvl 80 proc-rings from Mechagon that might be of general interest to other lvl 10 twinks
  10. Teleport items (Retail)

    Fractured Necrolyte Skull + Critter Hand Cannon and you got yourself a portal to BT. Baradin's Wardens Tabard can be farmed at lvl 10 But you cannot leave Tol Barad through the portal before lvl 32 or something like that, so...
  11. Is there anything good in the holiday bag?

    I can confirm that rings drop off the boss. I had The Horseman's Ring drop off the boss today on my lvl 10 twink (The ring was epic, itemlvl 41)
  12. Dragonriding no longer available below lvl 30 in Dragon Isles

    Ha ha, my bad :rolleyes: let the topic rest in peace :slight_smile:
  13. Dragonriding no longer available below lvl 30 in Dragon Isles

    It might be common knowledge for most by now, but I just realized a few days ago – when I brought my lvl 10 toon back to Dragon Isles – that it is no longer possible to dragonride in Dragon Isles on toons below lvl 30 :( For those who didn’t know, up until recently it was possible to dragonride...
  14. 10s Armory List

    My lvl 10 Fury warrior. Twink since Wrath. (sometimes logging out as Protection, so that explains if the spec seems out of sync ;) I’ve primarily been up to grinding reps and achievements. So far, it is at 73 exalted...
  15. 10's Dragonflight Basic PvE Guide (REMOVED)

    Unfortunately, I'm not strong with testing stats, so personally I just stick to a loose priority order that says: haste>crit=versa>mastery, but not sure if its correct ;) But I actually found a food buff that gives 1 crit and 2 stamina: "Succulent Orca Stew". The tooltip says 1 crit and 1...
  16. 10's Dragonflight Basic PvE Guide (REMOVED)

    New member here (although I have been following the site for years and got tons of good info from it). First, I would like to say big thanks for all the hard work and super info you have put into this lvl 10 subforum @Emelia - It has been very helpful for gearing my lvl 10 fury warrior...