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  1. 29 arms enchant so i made this warrior with 21 hit instead of 20 4.95% vs 5.20% using the mail looms in the armory i cannot find which are obtained from alliance only quest with 40 ilv and 12 stam...
  2. 29 arms enchant

    is the bis still fiery?
  3. Don’t Play Rogue

    Still a rogue is best single target dps if you manage to be close
  4. Rogue Wotlk BIS

    A green weapon offhand is good as long as its 1.3 speed, vendetta is pretty rare and i think on cata** it becomes a lv 30 dagger
  5. Rogue Wotlk BIS

    Best mh claw of the shadowmancer best oh vendetta. Sharpen stone to mh and crippling on oh. It is the slowest and doesnt break cc like toxic revenger, torturing pokers extra damage doesnt apply to spells. Also boe is solid but cant take max sharpen stone(all other daggers have 2 less top dmg and...
  6. Rogue Wotlk BIS So this is my 29 balanced/stamina/combat oriented human rogue. With skinning and mining 300. With imp sprint (less cd and breaks roots) , vanish and racial trinket you can run thru mid /wave everyone and go quick cap every single time. As for...
  7. Faction change

    i remember the thread on twinkinfo called another nail in the coffin, in 2008 when they destroyed twinking by limiting us to xp off bgs, what they did now is wonderful, my humble opinion is toss them a pack of paper because they did this thing right after 15 years! hehe
  8. Faction change

    original price was 25 euros, now its 30, same for server transfer it used to be 20 now its 25, thing is there is a DISCOUNT so 30 euros currently is 21. but there is more, tha 3x faction change you can BUY and KEEP, (i bought that) it costs the price of 2, so 3 factionchange for 60 euros, that...
  9. Faction change

    Faction change is up with 30% discount, it even sais you can buy multiple.. discuss? Will you double change? Will you do ambassador?
  10. Arms Weapon

    btw whats the best spike you can put on shield at 19? is it felsteel?
  11. 19s Build Thread this is my current warrior <3!
  12. Arms Weapon

    One more question, probably stupid again but just want to clarify. I am human, How good is glacial stone for me compairing to bloodied arcanite reaper? 10 stam 6 str 6 crit VS 3 expertise and the proc 3.8 speed VS 3.6 speed would truesilver champion be another option? has some stats and i get...
  13. Arms weapon enchant

    you seem very firm on that, ill slap it on. thanks <3
  14. Arms weapon enchant

    So i am wondering: Crusader, seems an overkill, like 33% of the fights you hit one and u are cced druids shamans run, 33% are people with 500 hp and 33% you get to fight a target so you need it to proc, its good but a proc. i leave the useless enchants out like lifestealing or whatever else...
  15. 29 Question - Hunter

    thanks for the info! <3 waiting for more to say what they think!
  16. 29 Question - Hunter

    So twink died on wotlk and they changed tons of stuff on classic wotlk so i cant find ANY answers at all, and i wanna ask some questions to people who can help. FIRST: which heirlooms (chest shoulders) should i use? shadowcraft or herods? is hit important? im playing with the intellect to ap...
  17. Vendetta

    Guys simple question: has anyone seen vendetta drop after tbc release? I have done 70~ rfk runs with no luck in zone drops in general, no plains ring pugilist bracers mantle of thieves or vendetta. Do we have any info on it dropping after tbc classic release? its very weird since half of the...