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  1. Will there be a F2P PVP overhaul in TWW?

    Life is too busy now, I don't have the time and energy to learn new games, sure I still have fun here and there in hearthstone but it doesn't feel nearly as good as WoW. Looking back, around this time was the most fun I had in recent years, but the queue merge made PvP go straight to video...
  2. 20-29 pug bgs

    honestly 20s pvp is more fun than max level pvp on classic. i have a full t3+kingsfall rogue there and it's not fun at all.
  3. Most fun and easy-to-own class at 60?

    I have a full t3 kingsfall rogue, feels very weak in BGs. want to hear some recommendations.
  4. War Within Level 20 Info

    only interesting item i see is but the scaling appears to be horrible
  5. What did you loot today?=)

    oh i see, sorry my bad, this must be the case for cat man too then.
  6. What did you loot today?=)

    do people just ignore health regen from sockets?
  7. What did you loot today?=)

    so you should switch to chest with sockets and then farm leech gears (including leggings, cloak and others)
  8. What did you loot today?=)

    if that's the case, then i don't understand the chest without sockets.
  9. What did you loot today?=)

    will you be speed capped? if yes, then leech is better.
  10. Is it worthwhile to regear at the moment? Post your current project

    1, PvP isn't active enough. 2, New expansion is on the horizon, gears likely get an overhaul. If you are gearing up a toon, please post it below, I am curious and would like to see.
  11. WoD dungeons are garbage.

    i didn't say he is BiS, i said he is a perfectionist. guess what he is doing now?
  12. WoD dungeons are garbage.

    WoD BiS is easier than TBC BiS. TBC is only hard if you are a perfectionist like
  13. WoD dungeons are garbage.

    same, was a nightmare edit: i just realized that this would be really good on my 29 warrior. maybe if the bracket becomes active again, i will regear
  14. 10.2.6 Twink Changes

    what's the issue? care to elaborate a bit?
  15. 10.2.6 Twink Changes

    so with belt buckle, 4 sockets on a belt?
  16. 10.2.6 Twink Changes

    Does your 29 hunter demolish most people in BGs?
  17. Enchanting fixed

    smart players will manage their CDs around the 10-second tick. some socket gears are so hard to farm, anyone remember spending days in OHBF for leggings off last boss?
  18. How is PVP nowadays?

    enough 20-29 PVP action to justify regearing my toons now that enchanting and gems are fixed/revamped?
  19. 10.2.6 Twink Changes

    How you manage against 29 twinks?
  20. 10.2.6 Twink Changes

    my 2-h survival fury build can equip 2 lmao edit: man, need to farm TBC dungeons drops and other socket gears under legacy mode again. This feels like déjà vu! still doesn't work.