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  1. Eriwen

    satchel of helpful goods

    yo, just resubbed and realized my old 19s we're squished to lvl 9 does anyone know if these are scaling with level, and if so, are they worth opening at lvl 20? I intend to gear this @20 instead of 29
  2. Eriwen

    EU+US apology

    yes im sober lol look i was a stupid, shitty person towards alot of ppl and id like to say sorry for that. i've matured and just going to mention few names: - stubs, sorry for being an ass just because you were a better player over all than me in cata. - nicozy im sorry for always bringing...
  3. Eriwen

    US WTS Parachute Cloak +12 Agility

    o n e m i l l i o n d o l l a r s
  4. Eriwen

    Coolest mount for a rogue?

    horde: mimirons head alliance: pinto
  5. Eriwen

    110 Twinks

    get supreme lord kazzak trinket, better than arcano crystal
  6. Eriwen

    Are there any unique passive caster weapons useful at 60?

    to get back on point, princess dagger from maraudon and strathholme main entrance hio should
  7. Eriwen

    US current active worst FC award

    did you know toxic is the shortened word of toxicotwentynineiousaris which is latin for 29s are gey
  8. Eriwen

    EU Most active 60 Alliance server?

    Thanks for responding I have a 110 ally on 2nd acc so I can boost myself until then I'll stay ally :P I have a 39 GFd warr on stormscale horde
  9. Eriwen

    EU Most active 60 Alliance server?

    I have a 60 warr on Grim Batol that I want to dust off, thing is the server is dead and AH has nothing to offer. Any suggestions?
  10. Eriwen

    It's time to set rules

    2 resto shamans and 8 arc mages
  11. Eriwen

    BiS trinket at 39?

    try colossus
  12. Eriwen

    EU+US what do you think of the Frag Belt?

    I'm going to abuse the shit out of it while I still can, pug BGs are irrelevant anyway so who cares
  13. Eriwen

    EU The 19's Directory

    Name: Eriwen Class: Outlaw Rogue Armory Link:
  14. Eriwen

    realistic price for lvl 19 shadowfang

    protip: check tooltips, The Pacifier has lower topend dmg than Loom, BG crate etc but has higher tooltip value.
  15. Eriwen

    Outlaw Rogue

    Dark Leather Pants are better if you wanna go glasscannon
  16. Eriwen

    realistic price for lvl 19 shadowfang

    214,748 36 47
  17. Eriwen

    yuor nan is a eu sob xdddddd

    yuor nan is a eu sob xdddddd
  18. Eriwen

    Best 19 twinks currently

    copy my gear