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  1. Fruity

    Things to do…

    Outside of pvp/pve what do y’all like to do? First thing I really think of is rep grinds, are there any key ones that are worth it? Exploring/achievement farming, are pet battles still off limits for f2p/vet accounts? Farming collectibles/transmogs etc etc I dunno how do y’all pass the time
  2. Fruity

    Healers Rundown

    Sweet, bummer that they lost their funk though
  3. Fruity

    If wow ever became f2p

    I know people talk about it a lot, especially right before the announcement of a new expansion, but what within the twinking community what would y’all think of wow ever became completely f2p? Or like play to win, or whatever setup games like eso got goin on. Would you still play within level...
  4. Fruity

    Social Stuff

    I know there’s guild recruitment forums & all that it just feels like a better reference to hear from people themselves, what servers/guilds/communities are lively right now for twinks? I main alliance & last I remember aerie peak was one of the hot servers for twinks? Has much changed & are...
  5. Fruity

    Healers Rundown

    This is actually super helpful! Thank you Never played anything other than resto shaman, I’d def try it out though what’s it like?
  6. Fruity

    Healers Rundown

    I haven’t made/played as a twink since mop/wod & haven’t played in general since late bfa-ish, I’d like to get back into it & play heals, but are there any advantages/disadvantages to specific classes? And do the playstyles feel as different as they do at capped? Currently going back & forth...