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  1. Lye

    Screenshot Thread!

    Man these were some good times, thanks for posting these! Brings back good memories :)
  2. Lye

    Post Your Twink Mogs (:

    Adding my warlock who I just finished ^_^
  3. Lye

    GG Twinks VS SuperNova

    Please do, i'd like to see this game tbh
  4. Lye

    Post Your Twink Mogs (:

    I was a bit reluctant to put hunter in there, considering only Gloves/Wrists/Boots/Shirt & Tabard are the only gear I can mog considering the mail looms, also have a Ret Pally who I didn't include for the same reason.
  5. Lye

    FYI: 'Minor movement speed' is now 10%, even though the tooltip on enchants say 8%

    Not sure if this is well known or not yet, but I've seen quite a few people with 10% movement speed enchant on cloak along with the movement speed on boots (this included me up until recently). Obviously they don't stack but the confusion could be behind the tooltips on the boots enchants...
  6. Lye

    Twitch :)

    Hey mate, seen you around in bgs a fair bit, might drop by some time.
  7. Lye

    Any Questions? Ask Them Here! Get your 3 posts!

    Hey guys, going for my required posts.