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  1. Greencurse

    Staff Of Jordan (Level 0)

    Hey guys, I have a Staff Of Jordan (without level requirement) on Silvermoon Alliance, and was wondering what's it worth and if anyone would like to buy it off me? Can send offers in my DM. Not sure if posting this trade related subject here is against the rules, sorry in advance if I'm...
  2. Greencurse

    Staff Of Jordan level 0

    Hi guys I recently found a Staff of Jordan (Silvermoon EU Alliance) that had no level requirement on my account (I moved to classic when it launched havent really played retail since). I've been told it should be valuable, can you guys give me an honest/neutral indication of the current value...
  3. Greencurse

    WTS Jordan Staff no level Req

    Can you tell me how much this is worth? Even a rough estimation will do.
  4. Greencurse

    39s EU bracket is rapidly expanding - DAILY POPS 19:00-01:00 (CEST)

    The 39s bracket in EU TBC servers is very much alive for several months now. We are planning to pop 10v10 TWINK-ONLY games with the upcoming Exp Lock feature in WOTLK. We already have a active, social and very helpful community with hundreds of unique players. But we are still looking to expand...
  5. Greencurse


  6. Greencurse

    19 Warlock

    Armory for Greencurse in Quel'Thalas Horde 19 warlock twink on European servers. I made this lock after cataclysm and it got best gear possible without the grandfathered items. And no BoA cloak/helm yet ofc.
  7. Greencurse

    Good 19 twink realm

    thanks for the replies guys, i see there are diffrent guilds and realms. But how many people are there online in your guilds at average saturday night? (answer honest please) Btw junoo, my lock is max outgeared, with 2x agm turtle mount etc.. :P im really looking for a active 19 twink...
  8. Greencurse

    Good 19 twink realm

    Hey guys, Does Anyone know a good twink realm? And name of the active guilds in those realms. I dont mind if its Horde or Alliance, but Horde is preffered. I play on European servers. Greetz, Greencurse
  9. Greencurse

    Feral Kitten 19 With iLvl 200 Fishing Pole - Super high AP?

    Here is à link to the armory of the Guy who got the fishing pole. Waltdisney @ Tanaris - Game - World of Warcraft As You can see hes last login was not so long ago, and hes average iLvl is 31 Thanks to the fishing pole.
  10. Greencurse

    Warlock Twink 19 - Possible play styles

    I have been twinking since vanilla if You read my thread well. Prolly if i count all hks i made ever since on my twinks i can reach à simulair number. I was comparing the armor not the experience on playing warlock. But its good to know i can ask someone for some tips.
  11. Greencurse

    Feral Kitten 19 With iLvl 200 Fishing Pole - Super high AP?

    I just saw à lvl 19 Guy on armory with iLvl 200 one :-O It got nerfed? I dint know that tho :-/
  12. Greencurse

    Feral Kitten 19 With iLvl 200 Fishing Pole - Super high AP?

    Hello Guys, I was thinking about something à 70 feral kitty mate said to me à while ago. She said that she was wearing the kalu'ak fishing Pole at lvl 70 as dps weapon Becouse it pulled far more dps than the best tbc weapon she could find. Becouse You convert weapon damage into AP as...
  13. Greencurse

    Warlock Twink 19 - Possible play styles

    Hehe You should have told me She was on USA servers:p Ive been looking like à madman on the EU armory:p I inspected her gear, and its not really super better than mine, no offence but i think apart from the head and bracer enchant mine is better. Compare yourself - Greencurse @ Quel'Thalas...
  14. Greencurse

    Warlock Twink 19 - Possible play styles

    Thanks alot for the comments guys. But who is Sidni? When i armory him/her i cant find anyone, can somebody put down à link please or some more information.
  15. Greencurse

    Warlock Twink 19 - Possible play styles

    Hello guys, I am Greencurse, 19 warlock goblin twink Quel'Thalas :Horde: . I used to play twink since vanilla, but i stopped after the nerf. I have returned to twinking in catacylsm with my rogue, and ever since i have been observing different twink classes and realised that warlock...