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  1. Syneptic

    Farming Friends! (F2P/Vet tags)

    Syneptic#2574 [Vet] [H] [BG] Syneptic#2574 EU - Krag'in [Vet] [H] [BG]
  2. Syneptic

    20s BGs don't open?

    Yes, you're right, Goesid. I'm on a German server. & the only ones that do pop are Seething Shore. Any ideas on how to find people to team up with? Cheers
  3. Syneptic

    20s BGs don't open?

    Hi everyone, I'm playing on EU (Krag'jin) and I get baaarely any BGs to open. If they open it's always like 4vs10 players. Could be 10 Hordes vs. 4 Allies, or sometimes 10 Allies vs. 4 Hordes, they're always unequal. Do BGs open where you guys are playing? If so, on what servers are you...