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  1. SPQR

    Appeal to Blizzard about BG.

    Pvp problems are far beyond that. Legion style pre set stats not going to fix issues of pacing nor the que time (15min random bgs que at endgame fyi). Nor will it stop echo chamber of "but mah gear progression in rpg!!!1" If you play arenas bellow 1500 mmr you will see people just missing in...
  2. SPQR

    R.I.P Jenny

    rest in peace jenny, was only few days ago we played bg together. my deepest condolences to her family
  3. SPQR

    Important Help me bring XPOFF into the modern esports world

    f2p discord should start making separate section to every related guide. Start copy paste it. @Embu
  4. SPQR

    rip xpoff. nice knowing you.

    rip xpoff. nice knowing you.
  5. SPQR

    Equipset in castsequence macro

    It triggers global cooldown now. as such in many cases it is pointless. /castsequence should make it work probably.
  6. SPQR

    Space Talk

    i sense a disturbance in the meme
  7. SPQR

    EU+US With a new map, comes new rules.. [TC19]

    Ban the hord ramp fence jumping and the ledge between roof and floor at alliance flagroom
  8. SPQR

    Blackholes maaaaaan

    Blackholes maaaaaan
  9. SPQR

    EU+US The difference.

    what do you call a pure f2p with veteran level of enchants then!
  10. SPQR

    ya'll ready for the level squish? (also hi)

    not trials in classic that is for sure. even if it will be available. imagine 40% miss vs +10 levels again. piss game.
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    Working as intended.
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    ya'll ready for the level squish? (also hi)

    Can't put a price tag on art maaan. The true value of art is the art itself. If art has any other purpose other than itself then it is not an art. The best inspiration an artist can dream of is the misery of existence with no end in sight. That's the art maaaaan.
  13. SPQR

    If anyone was subbed to man at arms reforged...

    If anyone was subbed to man at arms reforged.
  14. SPQR

    F2P/Vets in xpoff-BGs

    Taking off neck enchant and weapon enchant gets you long way. Taking off gear slots will take you even further. Playing underdog class and spec gets you even far bellow noticeable. Power is what you make of it. Tbh pug vs premade far more damaging than 29s vs levelers but overall the amount of...
  15. SPQR

    go to WTF - Account - Right click - Previous Versions. Depending on your system configs it might...

    go to WTF - Account - Right click - Previous Versions. Depending on your system configs it might be able to restore it. Backup is bis
  16. SPQR

    ya'll ready for the level squish? (also hi)

    Any squish likely will bring additional content to brackets so yea. Not gonna relevel mains. Chapter will be completed.
  17. SPQR

    The Ultimate Flex Thread

  18. SPQR

    F2P/Vets in xpoff-BGs

    I could of rolled with i55 rings right now if yall kept your mouth shut once up on the time.
  19. SPQR

    EU+US @29s that exploit their way into xpon qs

    They just following the core idea of what xpoff is all came from - nuking the shit out of unsuspecting prey whatever the cost. Can't blame them aswel as the opposition for being a step in the evolution chain.
  20. SPQR

    F2P/Vets in xpoff-BGs

    Shadow priests was missing mind blast, a core ability, for years up on years at 19 and 20. Is that also normal following the logic? It is blizzard. Vets should be with xpoff since they are not that new to the game (arguably). Pure trial however is what it is. A pure trial. Putting them...