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  1. Qtee

    Looking for old lvl 74 enhance reference

    Does anyone by chance have a profile link for a level 74 enhance shaman which has double niff... from cata 70-74 period. Much appreciated.
  2. Qtee

    Should something like this be allowed in the Twink Cup/PuG's?

    You are fooled if you expect legitimacy from players in random bgs. Its like asking people to not use 5 rogues or 5 boomkins in bgs. They dont care its unfair. The picture however will help my report to blizz to fix. Thanks.
  3. Qtee

    GY Farming/Containment explanation.

    Lol. Okay. Your team deliberatly camps gys and doesnt blink an eye. Yet you throw a fit when you get gy camped and afk out. Hypocrit much?
  4. Qtee

    Aside from Ferals, frowned-upon classes?

    Was in a bg yesterday with 5 boomkins. Needless to say, I will be happy to afk out of those games and go outside for a walk.
  5. Qtee

    Shoddy GY Containment Detected

    Plz dont make pizza's head bigger than it is.
  6. Qtee

    Looking for swiftness potion recipe sponsor

    Hi Guys, Im looking for the swiftness potion recipe on bleeding hollow alliance. Currently only 2 people have the potions on the AH, at a ridiculous price. Im looking to mass make these and hand em out to see a increase of productivity on ally side. PM me. Justin#11848
  7. Qtee

    Haters Gonna Hate

    I get the post. I do. But it makes you look like a giant dueche. Not the look you wanna go for when you are supposedly "make the community a better place." I dont know you, but from what I hear and honestly what i see in your post, huge ego.
  8. Qtee

    US Project: GG Nineteen

    For some reason I dont have permissions to edit my post. Here is my btag: justin#11848
  9. Qtee

    US Project: GG Nineteen

    Have you played in a twink bracket before, on what server/faction/bracket? Played every twink bracket there has been except for lvl 10 and 1. Ive been twinking since TBC expansion. TBC fc druid = tauren druid Jugawt - Deathwing/ TBC rogue= human rogue juhdai - Kel'Thuzad/TBC hunter = orc hunter...
  10. Qtee

    Looking for premades + wargames friends.

    Hello, Im looking for friends in the 19 bracket. Twinking isnt something new for me, but I havnt really been around the 19 scene too much. Here is my priest i will be playing: Shieldowoodo @ Kel'Thuzad - Community - World of Warcraft My rank 1 rogue from cata 70's (2500 personal...
  11. Qtee

    How laughable 85 is :3

    Yeah i really dont know how ppl take it serious.. go spend 200k on gear.. even backpeddlers and clicking 1 shotting people. Fun stuff i guess.
  12. Qtee

    How laughable 85 is :3

    So after taking a good 6 month break from 85's... which was in a semi good state. Queue 1 bg.... Every living soul with BOE MOP gear.. and sunlutes everywhere. So end up getting gy farmed, everyone getting 1 shot by backpeddlers and clicking, so on forth. Cheers to zayne and soylent...
  13. Qtee

    70's thread of awful bracket pics

    I think as a whole, we can agree that 1/2 the reason this bracket is garbage, is the players in it. (1/2 being game scaling) Pretty cool for people to overcome the FOTM players in the bracket as overlooked classes, but obviously ppl dont care.. and thats why the bracket is in its current state.
  14. Qtee

    The olol Dodgers

    The effort put into this troll thread would be interesting to read if it wasn't comparable to a 12 year old raging about something no1 cares about.
  15. Qtee

    70's thread of awful bracket pics

    Go to its a ladder some us teams... 95% of teams have priests on them.
  16. Qtee

    70's thread of awful bracket pics

    So i made this thread so everyone can share their experience of how awful random bg's and arenas are in the current state of 70's. This bracket is far from getting better or fixed.... everyone complains of it, but yet still queues with these lopsided class numbers. Let us reflect of how awful 70...
  17. Qtee

    Best of 19s US

    Were these made by the US twinking council, please dont make me sue you.
  18. Qtee

    how to outplay protpala

    Is this even possible?
  19. Qtee

    70 Twink 3v3 arena tournament