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    SoD: Xaryu loses to a twink

    Daniel-san learned balance Balance good then everything good Balance bad than might as well pack up and go home
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    if ur car was a helmet

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    if ur car was a helmet

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    if ur car was a helmet

    topic is self explanatory reason is not also no poll 4 this 1 bros just raw cre8ivity
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    is it me or is the challenger the new mustang them shits r fkn everywhere
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    next step burn it

    next step burn it
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    It's time to say goodbye

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    39s "Armory" Thread + Discord Link

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    Currently Listening To...

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    NEW changes to 20 tiwnk bracket BONECHILLING

    'they dont want u 2 know about' woulda been a nice cherry on top
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    Community impact of casual vs. competitive play

    im 2 lazy 2 read all this shit so ill just assume its communist propaganda
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    WTT (US Pagle, WotLK Classic) 29 spellpower gear

    RIP i just mail all my 29 shit 2 drad sorry bro bro mebbe ask him if he has some left
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    rule of 3

    is that y the track only lasts for 1:16?
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    rule of 3

    stance dance til ur dead
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    10v10 wargames

    gr8 initi8iv
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    rule of 3

    rule of 3 in writing st8s that everything is more entertaining in 3s rule of 3s in survival stresses the importance of time windows in factors of 3 but how bout rule of 3 in 39s twinkin? cuz no1 has the mentals 2 roll more than 3 twinx my 3 rulers r slaff lock 4 arenas shabomberman 4 bg...
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    39s "Armory" Thread + Discord Link

    lets try a slaff lock
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    [CLASSIC] 39s arena nite WEDNESDAYS