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  1. Reidor

    F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    Hm. tested - nothing. Not works: Use a Fishing Chair and Colorful Beach Chair in Valdrakken Darkmoon Faire: Fish Up Items on Darkmoon Island Darkmoon Faire: Speak with a Restless Spirit Get X-tremely Water Blasted
  2. Reidor

    Mists of Pandaria Remix

    Farm cloak)
  3. Reidor

    Mists of Pandaria Remix

    1505 threads now)
  4. Reidor

    Appeal to Blizzard about BG.

    Better to try, than not)
  5. Reidor

    Appeal to Blizzard about BG.

    Guys, I did the appeal about the queue on battlegrounds for levels 20-29. Don't know what happen, when I send her, but for more effect I want to add a list of people from level 20 community who support her. Who want's to join, write here: Your name | Bnet Tag | Region (US/EU) More real...
  6. Reidor

    War Within Level 20 Info

    4 zones will be from level 10. there will also be additional activities:
  7. Reidor

    Horde Route to Kul Tiras

    Easy way if you Vet, just buy for your character -
  8. Reidor

    Get to Kul Tiras as horde f2p?

    ask someone summon you and set HS on the future
  9. Reidor

    Trading Post Activities Possible traders-tender

    Every task have a points, every time when you reach 200 points - you can loot from chest 100 tokens. Without subscribe you will not see in the game how much points you have now, so that need use calculate and will check how much points can give current tasks from Traveler's log. I already...
  10. Reidor

    Call of the Scarab (with BONUS, UNTIL TO JANUARY 23) [READ!!!]

    In this month unusual event! If you complete all the event tasks, you can receive free 100 Trader's Tender for Trading Post. It's works on the pure F2P and also for Veterans! Tasks which you must complete: - Emote /taunt at an opposite faction player in Silithus; - Complete the world quest...
  11. Reidor

    Twentified 10.2.5 Patch Notes

    - Seems some NPC in Shadowlands was been scaled, checked with Chromie time; - Now normally can finish daily quest Bring Me Their Heads in Maldraxxus; - 20 lvl can to see WQ A Matter of Stealth in Ardernweald, but he doesn't work; - Hunters can tameable dragons in Ardenweald, if have required...
  12. Reidor

    Mechagon is now available
  13. Reidor

    Mechagon is now available

    i seen a few not scaled NPC on the entrance of junkyard, but just ignore them if you hunter, just run ahead and later use fake death for dropping aggro. With normal mobs and RARE not have problem, kill all on my MM hunter)
  14. Reidor

    Mechagon is now available

  15. Reidor

    Mechagon is now available

    received message from CM, probably this will be fix little faster
  16. Reidor

    Mechagon is now available
  17. Reidor

    mechagon scaled to 30 even unphased two mounts should be farmable at 20

    Wait fall guys, Mechagon will be from level 10 + quests! :)
  18. Reidor

    Mechagon Island from level 10 in 10.1.7

    10-60 only Mechagon.
  19. Reidor

    Mechagon Island from level 10 in 10.1.7

    In new patch on PTR Mechagon Island was been scaled again from level 30 until to level 10 (10-60 total). You can get intro quest in main city of BFA for Alliance/Horde. On Alliance first quest broken, you can't finish him and get next. Horde side i not tested. Also better not tame new pets on...
  20. Reidor

    Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory Hunter, MM