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  1. Purj

    Top 10 reasons to twink in Cataclysm Classic

    Legion invasions were worse
  2. Purj

    19s SoD

    Skill issue
  3. Purj

    12-Year Role Name

    My first account is 2009, but I got banned, and then I think my second account did too. Edgy boi Purj
  4. Purj

    WOTLK WOW tokens, a interesting convo in retail WOW trade chat

    Can't use WOTLK tokens for Blizzard Balance to buy things like server transfers though. Retail only for that option.
  5. Purj

    Grandfather your 19s easier with 19Check

    Swords listed for Shamans?
  6. Purj

    Who is genuinely excited for Cataclysm classic?

    Didn't love 19 shaman in Cata, but I'll play it again anyway.
  7. Purj

    Blizzcon 2023 Predictions

    I don't really remember the full Cata survey as I filled it out over a year ago.. but we really could see a multitude of changes based on the feedback they received. WotLk phase 2 was 5 months long Phase 3 was 4 months long If phase 4 is 4 months long, then we are looking at phase 5/Ruby...
  8. Purj

    Blizzcon 2023 Predictions

    Cata probably Q2. They said "first half of next year". We still have WotLK phase 5 a few months away. Probably gunna see a June release if I had to guess.
  9. Purj

    Blizzcon 2023 Predictions

    I'd like to see this be a thing for Classic too. Cata zones to keep max level people happy, with the option to toggle the old world.
  10. Purj

    12-Year Role Name

    Name it Nerd
  11. Purj

    Current State of Twinking

    Thats good news! I did some runs up until my 7 year old computer shit the bed on Friday. Hopefully everything stays fixed upon my eventual return
  12. Purj

    Current State of Twinking

    Not about hating WC. It is just currently bugged and not providing a satchel after clearing the dungeon.
  13. Purj

    Current State of Twinking

    In the same boat. Gotta level my mage and druid up... but I'm stuck running RDF dungeons for satchel loot and getting 30 min debuffs every time I get WC..
  14. Purj

    WotLK classic by far

    WotLK classic by far
  15. Purj

    WoW Hardcore

    Yeah, its a different feel and I have never tried Hardcore before. I'm almost to the same spot I was before, definitely going to be more careful going forward. I was breezing through and got complacent.
  16. Purj

    WoW Hardcore

    Died at level 15 because 3 things spawned on me when I was trying to drink for mana. Going to give it one more try and be much more careful. If I die, I'm done with it.
  17. Purj

    Would you play 20s again in Cata/MoP Classic?

    If f2p is a thing, I wouldn't mind getting a little guy made up. Not like it costs me anything but time, and with my random playing hours it actually sounds kind of nice. I didn't love Shaman play style in Cata though, so maybe a different class.
  18. Purj

    Best Lv 80 Healer for farming Heirlooms for Twinks with 4 Lv 80 DKs?

    R Sham for Healing Totem, Chain Heal (it prioritizes low hp targets if in range) and Windfury totem to keep your DKs DPS moving?
  19. Purj

    Trial of Champion Efficiency

    It is no longer a source of epic gear for us